Prince Henry
In Memorium
Pete Cummings
To promote recognition of Henry Sinclair, 14th Century explorer of North America, and to celebrate the 600th anniversary in 1998

December 20, 1996 Issue

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Christmas in Advocate

"Winter in Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia, follows the fall season, known for its gorgeous colours and the beginning of the spectacular sunsets as the sun begins to move from behind Cape Chignecto, and chooses Isle Haute, about 10 miles out in the Bay of Fundy, as its backdrop. The sunny moments of December often give way to grey, windy days when the changing 25 foot tides move the water in and out of our harbour and off the rock strewn 3 mile beach. When the days are clear there is a magic here that calls all believers to a very real understanding of creation as the high cliffs of Chignecto balanced by the wooded slopes of Cape D'Or, on the Advocate side, seem to engulf us. There is something special here and many sense it to be spiritual.

"This could not have been lost on Prince Henry Sinclair, The story tellers inform us of his visit here in 1398 and his winter camp overlooking all of this grandeur. As a man with a Christian tradition, he and possibly most of his European group would have been familiar with the church's celebration of Christmas. What a spectacular place, high above the cold, churning waters of the Bay of Fundy for them to stop for prayer and maybe hear the angel's words read to them:

And the angel said unto them, Fear not. For, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. .... For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord."
(Luke 2: 10-11 KJV)

"As a minister of the United Church of Canada in Advocate Harbour with a full view of the Advocate side of Cape D'Or visible from my office window, I often look up there and wonder what it must have been like 600 years ago. If those stories are correct about a winter camp here in 1398, as it is today, it must have been special"

These words were written by Rev. David Chisling, 28 Nov 96

We echo these special sentiments as expressed by Rev. David Chisling. May you and your family share the wonderful heritage of harmonious diversity which was practiced by Prince Henry Six Centuries ago.

Outreach of Celebration

Throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom. and between, in Newfoundland & Shetland, activities are beginning to focus upon the 1998 anniversary of Prince Henry's voyage. Each region has its own motives. Places like Westford are focusing upon their "Westford Knight" on the ledge. The Clans are planning a New England Gathering. In Oregon the committee is disseminating information thru many outlets. Other locations, such as Guysborough, have dedicated a memorial marker to Prince Henry in a Provincial Park. In Advocate, the residents are preparing for an influx of visitors. In Griffin, IN, the Scottish Festival gave public recognition to Prince Henry. Many other regions are starting to make plans for a pilgrimage to New England and Nova Scotia. Some are also setting their sights on a Scottish tour to Rosslyn. The common theme of all these far-flung groups is the saga of Prince Henry.

Our hats are off to Tish Mumford, Laurel Fechner, Jonathan Wills, Pam Mangarelli, Susan Grady, Neil St. Clair, D'Elayne Coleman, Duncan MacDonald, Beth Gay & John Aulerich, who have worked hard on behalf of Prince Henry.

The 600th Celebration Committee is encouraging groups such as those representated by the above leaders to help each other toward their common interests. Coordination will assist everyone in having a more successful celebration. This Newsletter will continue to report on the activities of these many grass-roots committees. Please let us know about your news items.

Optimism from Scotland

Chris Minty, manager of St. Clair Voyage 1398-1998 Ltd reports that Charitable Contribution status has been granted to his organization in Scotland. The numbers are Scottish Charity #SC02464, Company #169134. The SCV Financial Manager, Derek Moss, is actively soliciting potential donors. They "feel very confident of the outcome."

Permission has been granted to the 600th Celebration Committee in the USA to keep the 45" model for an extended period. It is scheduled to be displayed by Ian Sinclair & John Aulerich at the annual Robert Burn's Dinner in Newport, RI, and then at the Scottish Week end festivities at Moultrie, GA, arranged by Beth Gay. Both of these events are expected to bring good publicity to Prince Henry's expedition.

New Video Film

Niven Sinclair in England released a revised version of "The Templar Legacy". It runs 30 minutes and is more to the point than the earlier edition. Several excellent shots of the Viking ships are included to show the difficulties of an Atlantic crossing. This video is designed for speakers, who want to illustrate their talk. Call 508-835-2900 for availability.

Michael Bentine

We all mourn the loss of Michael Bentine in Scotland, who died of cancer a few weeks ago. He was the narrator in the film "The Templar Legacy", which he helped to produce.

Castle at the Cross

Our correspondent from Virginia, Susan Grady, has maintained a close contact with the site in Nova Scotia which is suspected to have been a castle built by Henry Sinclair in 1398. It is located on private land, not open to visitors until this last year. The owners were going to allow archaeological studies to be made by a firm of their selection. However, during this past summer there were many visitors and there was some excavating done in the region. The owners became seriously concerned that unauthorized activities could endanger the authenticity of their castle remains. For the time being, no further visitors will be allowed. [Prince Henry Sinclair monument at Boylston Park

Monument Erected

One of the original goals of the Prince Henry Sinclair Society several years ago was to erect a monument to Prince Henry on the shores of Chedabucto Bay in Nova Scotia. In September this dream became a reality, thanks to D'Elayne & Richard Coleman. In a future issue we will describe the monument more fully. The inscription on the plaque reads as follows:
"Over the years there has been much controversy over who lays claim to being the first European explorer to set foot in the New World. A persistent theory supports a 1398 voyage by a Scottish Earl, Henry St. Clair of Orkney. Based on the "Zeno Narrative", whose authenticity has been challenged by most historians, the St. Clair saga persists. This monument presents the claim for Prince Henry's supposed voyage as described in Frederick J. Pohl's authorative book, Prince Henry Sinclair, His Expedition To The New World 1398. Pohl described Henry's landing on June 2, 1398, in Chedabucto Bay. Henry spent a year exploring Nova Scotia with the kind cooperation of the Mi'kmaq people. This monument is donated to the Prince Henry Sinclair Society of North America and to the Province of Nova Scotia by Richard and D'Elayne Manger Coleman in recognition of the achievements of Henry, whom his Admiral Antonio Zeno characterized as "a Prince as worthy of immortal memory as any that ever lived for his great bravery and remarkable goodness."

Clan Events Planned

The chairman for the Clan Sinclair celebration in New England is Ian Sinclair, and for Clan Gunn it is Anthony Barrett. They urge all Sinclairs and Gunns to make reservations soon for the New Hampshire Games in Lincoln, NH, on Sept. 18-20, 1998. Watch their clan newsletters for details.

The "Sixth Dimension"

It is a known fact that the craftsmen of Medieval Times created marvelous cathedrals, precisely aligned and miraculously constructed. Mariners, similarly, exhibited remarkable navigational capabilities. While their tools of the trade were primitive from our viewpoint today, it is obvious they had a much more advanced "Sixth Dimension". They were truly "masters", who had learned from long, tedious apprenticeship and focusing of attention.

While computers and power equipment have increased our capabilities today, we have outstanding thinkers, too. One such person is William Buehler. He has combined psychic tools and an ability to focus; this is a talent not familiar to most of us. However, his findings certainly capture our attention.

Mr. Buehler, an ordained minister and a veteran officer of the US Navy, has focused his study upon energy- consciousness grids. He harnesses locations with scripture, using geometry. One such primary "Earth Grid" includes Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. Another centers upon the region in France where the ancient Templar headquarters existed, in the area of Rennes le Chateau. Another grid is in Westford, MA, at the site of the Westford Carving. Of course, Jerusalem is in a major grid.

These energy grids are thought to have been known and understood by the Templar leaders. According to Buehler, "I believe that the Henry Sinclair voyage of 1398 included an important objective of transferring the "New Church" energetically from Europe to this continent by installing the [Rosslyn] grid which stretches from Nova Scotia to Virginia. . . . . The energy pole in the Westford/Boston area is the eastern generating pole . . . . . . This is engrammed into the Knight's stone matrix. . . . . The Sinclairs have in their charge a magnificent tool in the [Rosslyn] Chapel; it has a unique position and function in this half of the planet . . . probably not discovered since the Templars used it long ago."

For a more thorough explanation of this geometric and cosmological theory, you may contact Rev. William Buehler, Church of Antioch, c/o General Delivery, Crestone, CO, 81131.

Book Review

It has been said that The Hiram Key by Knight & Lomas shakes the Christian world to its very roots! As the authors were researching the origins of Freemasonry, they uncovered an amazing new view of Jesus. They concluded that the most precious Scrolls of the early Christians were buried under Herod's Temple in the year 70 AD and discovered a thousand years later by the Knight Templar. Many of the ancient rituals found in these Scrolls were adopted by the Templars. Then, after the Suppression of the Templars in the 13th century, the Scrolls were enshrined by the Templars and William Sinclair beneath Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. They now await evacuation. Copies are available from this 600th Celebration Committee at $38.50, which includes postage & handling.

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