Prince Henry
In Memorium
Pete Cummings
To promote recognition of Henry Sinclair, 14th Century explorer of North America, and to celebrate the 600th anniversary in 1998

May 1998 Issue

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Clan Chief to Visit

Lord Caithness has announced his intentions of visiting the 600th Celebration Events in Guysborough, Nova Scotia, on July 13-14. He also plans to attend the NH Highland Games and the Clan Gathering in Westford, MA, on September 18-22.

The Right Honorable Malcolm Sinclair, Earl of Caithness, is a remarkable man, having genealogical ties to Prince Henry Sinclair (Jarl of Orkney), the ancient Earls of Rosslyn, the Dukes of Normandy, and back to the Vikings. Today he serves in the House of Lords in London. Clan Sinclair recognizes him as its Hereditary Clan Chief.

In 1984 Mrs. Thatcher invited him to join her reforming government. Starting as a Whip, Lord Caithness progressed to be Minister in the Departments of Transport, Home Office, Environment, Treasury, and Foreign Affairs. The Earl of Caithness is the only hereditary peer this century to have worked in three great Departments of State. In Treasury, he also served as Paymaster General. He was created a Privy Councillor in 1990.

He considers it a great honor to have been appointed as a Trustee of The Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust, thus restoring the family link with Caithness.

Events in June & July

Throughout the US and Canada there are thirty events scheduled this year at which Prince Henry Sinclair will be recognized. We are all seeking to ensure that Prince Henry gains his rightful place in history. As a result of these events, more people will know about his momentous voyage of 1398. Our next Newsletter will list scheduled events for the remainder of the year.

2 Jun 98
Landfall Medieval Feast, Halifax, NS
William E. Sinclair, 200 Spinnaker Dr
Halifax, NS, B3N3C6, Canada
7 Jun 98
600th Anniversary Event, Rte 16, Guysborough, NS
Prince Henry Sinclair Society
319 Marshall Point Rd., Manchester, NS, B0H 1G0
13 Jun 98
Central Mass Scottish Festival,Leicester, MA
Art & Cindy Douglas, 16 Alpine St. Millbury, MA, 01527
14 June 1998
Grand Master's Fair, Charlton, MA
Matthew Mallard, 473 Mill Street, Worcester, MA, 01602
27 Jun 98
Western MA Highland Games, Brimfield, MA
Ian & Frances Sinclair, 61 Absalona Hill Road
Chepachet, R.I., 02814
27 Jun 98
Illinois Highland Games, Midlothian, IL
Gordon S. Flaws, 14910 Ridgeway Ave, Midlothian, IL, 60445
4 July 98
Metro Highland Games, Halifax, Nova Scotia
William E. Sinclair, 200 Spinnaker Dr, Halifax, NS, B3N3C6,
9-12 Jul 98
Grandfather Mountain Games, Linville, NC
Bradley S. Barker, 3211 Big Woods Rd, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514
13-14 July 98
Memorial Dedication & Regatta, Guysborough, NS
William E. Sinclair, 200 Spinnaker Dr, Halifax, NS, B3N3C6
17-30 Jul 98
600th Celebration Events, Advocate & Parrsboro
Neil St. Clair, 19 Soley Cove Rd., Lower Economy, NS
18 Jul 98
Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival, Blanford, MA
Ian & Frances Sinclair, 61 Absalona Hill Rd, Chepachet, R.I.
25-26 Jul 98
Alexandria Scottish Games, Alexandria, VA
Susan Grady,6330 Hillcrest Place,Alexandria, VA, 22312
31 Jul 98
Commemorative Concert, Advocate, NS
Neil St. Clair, 19 Soley Cove Rd., Lower Economy, NS

Clan Gathering Registration

If you plan to join the celebrations in September at the NH Highland Games or at Westford, be sure to send your Registration form, together with your check, to Glan Gathering, 65 Hartwell St, West Boylston, MA, 01583. The cut-off deadline is fast approaching!

Registration forms are available from the above address. You can obtain a form from our Web Sites.

New Books

You may want to acquire several new books for your book shelf. The following have recently been published and should be available soon at your favorite book store.

The Discovery of the Grail, 1998, by Andrew Sinclair, Random House UK Ltd. Hard Covered 307 pp. ISBN 0712677291

How Scotland Changed the World, 1998, by Robert S. Wright. Eastbay Publishers. sc 96 pp. ISBN 0966367804

The Templar Revelation, 1997, by Lynn Picket & Clive Prince. Transworld Publishers. hc 432 pp. Transworld Publishers Ltd. ISBN 0593038705

The Second Messiah, 1997, by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. Random House Ltd. hc 259 pp. ISBN 0712677194

Bloodline of the Holy Grail, 1996, by Laurence Gardner, Element Books Ltd. sc 527 pp. ISBN 1852308702

The Hiram Key, 1996, by Chris Knight & Robert Lomax, Century. hc 384 pp. ISBN 0 7126 85790

Here are some older favorites:

Oak Island Secrets, 1995, by Mark Finnan, Formac Publishing Co. sc 1787 pp. ISBN 0887803121

Oak Island Gold, 1993, by William S. Crocker. Nimbus Publishinhg Ltd. sc 221 pp. ISBN 155109049X

An Illustrated Guide Book, Rosslyn Chapel, 1993, by Tim Wallace-Murphy & Michael Green, Printed by Data Psaper Ltd. sc 37 pp. ISBN 0952149303

The Columbus Conspiracy, 1991, by Michael Bradley, Hounslow Press, sc 252 pp. ISBN 088882131X

Dungeon, Fire, & Sword, 1991, by John Robinson, M. Evans & Co. hc 494 pp. ISBN0871316579

Prince Henry Sinclair, 1995/1974, by Frederick J. Pohl, Nimbus Publishing Ltd, sc, 230 pp, ISBN 1- 55109-122-4

Sword of the North, 1983, by Richard W. White, Published by Green Hill Publishers. hc 400 pp, ISBN 0-89803-122-2

A Medieval Hero For Today's World

A man of nobility, Prince Henry Sinclair was born about 1345 in Rosslyn, located near Edinburgh, Scotland. His grandfathers on his father's side had been Earls of Rosslyn, where his ancestors had lived for 400 years; likewise, his grandfathers on his mother's side had been Earls of Orkney. Seventeen generations earlier, Henry Sinclair's forefathers were Vikings. He was a man of vision and ideals, believing that God and Nature are one.

At the age of 13, Henry inherited the title of Baron of Rosslyn, when his father was slain while fighting with the Teutonic Knights in Lithuania. He was a Templar, having first hand acquaintance with older Templars who had escaped the Suppression thirty-seven years earlier. In addition, he was the Grand Master of Scottish Masons, a hereitary position granted to the Sinclairs by King Robert the Bruce in 1308.

By the age of 21, Henry was Knighted by the King of Scotland and he was granted the title of Lord Chief Justice of Scotland. As Ambassador to Denmark, he attended the marriage of Margaret to King Magnus of Denmark in Copenhagen. Soon thereafter, he married their daughter. Unfortunately, she died and Henry remarried to Janet Halyburton in Scotland.

While visiting other capitals in Europe, Henry Sinclair met Carlo Zeno of Venice. Then, Carlo was promoting support for another Crusade, this one called King Peter's Crusade. In Venice Henry Sinclair observed the Arsenale as it produced ships at the amazing rate of one per day! Henry Sinclair joined the Crusade, just as his ancestors had enlisted in previous Crusades. In 1365 their 400 ships attacked Alexandria and flattened the enemy. As a result, the Islamic nations banned trading for the Venetians, forcing them to search for more trading routes.

When the Earl of Orkney died, and there were no closer blood descendants, Henry became the premier Jarl of Norway and Prince of Orkney. He was also the Duke of Oldenburg in Denmark, as well as the Baron of Rosslyn. Henry Sinclair traveled to England to purchase several ships for his navy. In a short period of time, Henry had developed a fleet of ships larger than the navy of Denmark! He was successful in exerting control over his far-flung kingdom of Orkney with its 200 islands, which consisted of 5000 square miles.

When he was 53 years of age, an elder to many, Henry organized a voyage of twelve or thirteen ships. It was manned by a crew of 200-300 persons, and sailed on an epic voyage from Orkney to the Faeroe Islands & Iceland, on to Greenland, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and New England. During his visit to North America, he established peaceful rapport with the indigenous people, the Micmac Indians, whom he respectfully called "his beloved children."

For his effective manner of human relations among diverse cultures, combined with the courage and determination to achieve enormous objectives, Henry Sinclair has earned a place among our World's greatest heros. While role models are difficult to find in the modern World, we can look to the Medieval Ages, where 600 years ago Prince Henry lived a life worthy of being held as an example for our youth and ourselves today.

How Did They Do It?

It is a known fact that the craftsmen of Medieval Times created marvelous cathedrals, precisely aligned and miraculously constructed. Mariners, similarly, exhibited remarkable navigational capabilities. While their tools of the trade were primarily primative from our viewpoint today, it is obvious they had a much more advanced "Sixth Sense." They were masters, who had learned from long, tedious apprenticeship and focusing of attention. For some researchers, the answer lies in geometric and cosmological theory. For more information contact Rev. William Buehler, c/o General Delivery, Crestone, CO., 81131.

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