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Girnigoe [Girnigoe Castle] and Sinclair [Castle Sinclair] Castles

Some pictures of castles Girnigoe and Sinclair
[Pictures of Scotland by Richard Huseth] by Richard Huseth
[Pictures of Scotland by Michelle Brown] by Michelle Brown
[Castles Sinclair and Girnigoe by Gretchen Phillips] by Gretchen Phillips
Ian Sinclair's pictures of Girnigoe and Sinclair Castles by Ian Sinclair
Caithness 1999 calendar by Charles Tait.
by Jan W. Faul
et de la France a l'Ecosse, pour Becir et encore
by Dan St. Clair
The Sinclairs had no shortage of picturesque castles. The earliest Sinclair seat was Roslin Castle near Edinburgh, and one of the briefest was Ackergill Tower. The Queen Mother Elizabeth often resides in the Castle of Mey.

[Caithness] But the most picturesque ruins in the north of Scotland are those of Girnigoe Castle and Castle Sinclair on the far north mainland coast, in the county of Caithness, between [Old St. Peter's Church in Thurso] Thurso and Wick, on Sinclair's Bay; see the map. Girnigoe Castle was built between 1476 and 1496 by William 2nd Sinclair Earl of Caithness. Castle Sinclair was built in 1606. The last Sinclair Earl to live there was George 6th Earl Caithness. For how they got to be ruined, see the Battle of Altimarlach. For more, see the the writeup by Ian Sinclair.

[Noss Head Lighthouse Nearby, at Noss Head Lighthouse, is the new Clan Sinclair Centre, with a Study Centre as part of project.

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