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   St. Clair:

Major General Arthur St. Clair

From Bob Stevens we find web pages about Major General Arthur St Clair, who was a friend of George Washington, a general in the United States Army, president of Congress, and governor of the Northwest Territories. He came from Thurso in Caithness, Scotland.

We also have a legend and much other information about his daughter, Louisa, some information about his son, Arthur Jr., two different lists of presidents of the Continental Congress showing him as President St. Clair, some information about his children, and a note about a battle he lost. See also his Congressional biography and the the political graveyard for more links to him and other St. Clairs.

Indians Defeat Gen. St. Clair

``...the greatest victory ever won by Indians over English-speaking opponents.
Major General Arthur St. Clair

Pres. Arthur St. Clair

From: "Spirit One Email" <> Date: 10 Nov 1999 19:36:32 -0800

I see on John's website that Arthur St. Clair was listed as the 7th Pres. of the Continental Congress but now I have come across another list taken originally from the Biographical Directory of the American Congress. 1774-1949.

The Presidents of the Continental Congress
(dates elected)
Peyton Randolph,of VirginiaSeptember 5, 1774, Resigned, October 22, 1774
Henry Middleton,of South CarolinaOctober 22, 1774
Peyton Randolph,of VirginiaMay 10, 1775, Died, October 22, 1775
John Hancock,of Massachusetts.May 24, 1775
Henry Laurens,of South CarolinaNov. 1, 1777
John Jay,of New YorkDecember 10, 1778
Samuel Huntington,of ConnecticutSept. 28, 1779
Thomas McKean,of DelawareJuly 10, 1781
John Hanson,of MarylandNov. 5, 1781
Elias Boudinot,of New JerseyNov. 4, 1782
Thomas Mifflin,of PennsylvaniaNov. 3, 1783
Richard Henry Lee,of VirginiaNov. 30, 1784
John Hancock,of MassachusettsNov. 23, 1785. Resigned, May 29, 1786, never having served, owing to continued illness.
Nathaniel Gorham,of MassachusettsJune 6, 1786
Arthur St. Clair,of PennsylvaniaFeb. 2, 1787
Cyrus Griffin,of VirginiaJanuary 22, 1788


President St. Clair

An addition to Laurel's run down of Sinclair/St Clair history. Yes there was a US President. This information came from Dan Valentine's book of little known facts entitled Spirit of America essay no. 9. Because there was an 8 year gap between the founding of our nation and the ratification of the constitution (1781-1789) there were 8 people who held the position of elected president before George Washington. Each of those years the president of the US Continental Congress was the prime authority of the nation. They were elected for one year. Those men in order were:
  1. John Hansen
  2. Richard Henry Lee
  3. Elias Boudinot
  4. Thomas Mifflin
  5. John Hancock
  6. Nathaniel Gorhan
  7. Arthur Sinclair (Who was also the Gen Arthur Sinclair [he spelled it St. Clair —jsq])
  8. Cyrus Griffin
and then in 1789 George Washington.
Sandy Sinclair (old history teacher of Olympia Washington)

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