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Well that's all very well you might think, but WHO is she — in real life?

My name is Lena and I'm 47 years young, married with 3-6 children (the my children-your children-our children syndrome) that I love dearly. I have always been more than interested in history and if there was any possibility to earn ones living being an historian I would probably had been one. But due to fact of life I decided to go to law school instead. As I do like changes in my life I also studied computer science and succeeded in combining the two and during a 10-year period I worked a lot with Computing Law, mainly personal integrity/privacy. I also did lecture at the university in Stockholm not only in Computing Law but programming, system science and computer based communication. In my "commercial" life I worked as product and quality manager, head of computer department and finally I did run my own business and worked as a consultant for a lot of companies and institutions like for instance the Swedish parliament.

As I said I do like changes so at the beginning of the 1990-th there was time for something new so finally I'm working with my great interest. I'm the head of my town's local museum. I am also involved in the Swedish Genealogical Society (GF) where I'm member of the board. After being an amateur historian/genealogist for 20 years I'm know supposed to be professional — even though I can't quite see the difference.

I'll hope this brief description did ease your worries concerning just mailing your research material to an unknown Lena not knowing what she might do with your information. Please be assured that I will not open up the database to people outside the "family" or use your material in any unethical way. I will most definitely respect your privacy and your copyright. The aim for this project is to summon what we can and place it in the [Sinclair Study Centre] Sinclair-archive in Scotland in order to leave something valuable to the next coming generations.

The very best to all of you from Lena A Löfström in Sweden a descendant of the earls of Caithness.

Sinclair Genealogy Sinclair Global Database - Surname list

From: Lena A L
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 13:58:58 +0200

Hi all,

it is now possible to access the SURNAMELIST of the Sinclair Global database at where you can check out if the surname/s you are researching is to be find within the base. If you find something interesting you may mail me questions and as long as there are not thousands of questions I will try to respond to you soon.


Previous Comments

Bravo, Lena
If you can achieve this, you will be a miracle worker. There are 250,000 Sinclairs worldwide.
Niven Sinclair

Personally, I think this will make a huge difference in allowing Sinclairs all around the world to connect and to reclaim their heritage. This is a vast undertaking, and one that I believe has the capacity to bring a greater unity to the Clan as a whole. It's marvellous that computers and the Internet can allow us to share in this fashion, and I thank you for taking on this task and giving the Sinclair Clan such a wonderful gift!
Margaret Stokes

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A never-ending project — a world-wide Sinclair database!

I salute cousins all over the world and urge you all to join this new and breathtaking project.

We are soon to enter a new millennium and as we are one of the few families around the globe — Sinclair that is — who has been around for more than the past millennium we have some special responsibilities. For instance we have to preserve as much as we can of all we have learned and all we know of our special history.

In line to participate in and contribute to this mission I will now try — hopefully together with the rest of you — to produce a world wide Sinclair database containing as much information as possible on each and every one of our ancestors and all their descendants.

Do not fear there will be no hard work expected of you — just some "hands on".

As a first step on the road to a complete database I would like all of you to mail me all the information you have. I do prefer the GEDCOM-format but if you for any reason can't provide that I will settle for documents with extensions .WRD, .RTF, .TXT, .EXL or any other Word- or database format.

Just mail it to

I'll be waiting for it!

The use of the Sinclair Genealogical Database.

From: Lena A L
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 22:48:36 +0100

The purpose of the database is to gather as much information on the Clan as possible for safe keeping in the Sinclair Archives at Noss Head in Scotland. The only ones that will have total access to the database will be myself, Lena, Margaret Stokes in Australia and of course our Clan Archivist Ian Sinclair at Noss Head. In the future (50 - 100 years from now) it might be opened to special researchers.

As long as there's not millions of requests for lookups both I and Margaret will help you to connect your line to others in the database. With regards to information on living persons we will maintain a policy of complete privacy and direct questions to the submitter of the original source.

The ethic that rules the use of the database will assure you that (if nothing else is agreed upon);

  • privacy of information on living persons are and will be respected,
  • what we tell people is limited to what's needed in order to connect lines, questions of more detailed nature will be directed to the submitter,
  • we will provide a web interface to do surname lookups but the result will only show that the surname exists in the database and from what region.
The submitter may give their consensus to us to give away submitted information in case they find it more convenient letting us answer any question on their behalf.

More Previous Comments

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 21:15:19 +0100 From: Niven Sinclair <>

May I add my congratulations on your brave decision to take on the herculean task of assessing and amalgamating all the strands of the worldwide Sinclair family. Over the years people have given me books which they have prepared about their own families and I will be quite happy to send you these when your work-load permits.

I trust you also have copies of the two enormous volumes which Pete Cummings prepared prior to his untimely death.

As with all genealogies (particularly official ones like Debretts, Archbolds or Douglas) there are many errors which will have to be corrected. No matter, a job begun is a job half done and you deserve the full support of us all in this daunting but eminently worthwhile task.

History will remember you just as we are indebted to the sterling work of Roland William St Clair who compiled The St Clairs of the Isles although, at the time, he was based in Auckland, New Zealand. Today we have the internet and, today, I was reminded by a distant cousin (she is two generations younger than me and resides in Melbourne, Australia and is none other than milamba@milamba) about the remarks made by a great uncle of mine (and a great x 2 uncle of Milamba's) at a gathering in New York on May 7th, 1924:
"I want to have my youngsters glad
    That I was chosen for their dad;
I want them when I've gone away
    To think of me at times and say
That I bequeathed them a name
    That never has been linked with shame".
Above all, let them realise the glorious lineage which they have inherited and which they, too, in the fulness of time, will pass on to their children. Your work (ably assisted by countless others) will help future generations of Sinclairs to trace their roots in unbroken line back over a thousand tempestuous years to their Viking ancestry. The Vikings were the most intrepid sailors the World has ever known. We have inherited much of their wanderlust. My own immediate family spans the Globe and, yet, they continue to cherish their roots:
"What if these flowers fade?
     The roots endure...
To flower and flower again....
We are nothing without our roots.

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