Prince Henry
In Memorium
Pete Cummings
To promote recognition of Henry Sinclair, 14th Century explorer of North America, and to celebrate the 600th anniversary in 1998

August 17 1998 Issue

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Special Notice

We are almost at the August 20th deadline for registrations for the Gathering of Clans at Westford. The hotel has granted us another 10 days before we must turn people away. Therefore this Urgent Notice in your Web Site may get a few last minute decision-makers to act.

Now is the time to register if you want to attend the 600th Anniversary Celebration of the Sinclair Voyage to the New World It is in Westford, MA, on the dates of September 20-23, 1998.

The facilities at the Westford Regency Hotel are limited. Registrations are fast approaching our limit! Act today.

Send you name(s), address, phone & Email number, together with your check, for the activities in which you wish to participate. Mail to Clan Gathering, 65 Hartwell St, West Boylston, MA, 01583.

For your guidance the price schedule (per person rates) is as follows:

Banquet$35 (State choice of Beef or Chicken)
Harbor Cruise$15
Exeter Luncheon$20
SymposiumFree to all Registrants

If you want more information, see our Newsletters on either of our Web Sites <> or at <> or you may contact Pete Cummings at or phone 508-835-2900.

See you at NH Highland Games and at Westford!


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