Prince Henry
In Memorium
Pete Cummings
To promote recognition of Henry Sinclair, 14th Century explorer of North America, and to celebrate the 600th anniversary in 1998

August 25 1998 Issue

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Celebrations Continue!

Nineteen celebration events have been held in the first half of 1998. As we look ahead, there are thirteen additional events to come, making a total of thirty-two venues this year. Each have recognized the saga of Prince Henry's voyage six centuries ago.

At the Halkirk Games in Caithness, Scotland, on July 26, our Clan Chief Malcolm, Earl of Caithness, represented Sinclairs around the world. The "Prince Henry Sinclair Challenge Cup" was given by Niven Sinclair to the best local athlete. The event featured a giant barbecue, consisting of 6 sheep and one ox!

In Advocate, Nova Scotia there was a commemorative concert and other 600th celebration events on July 31, as reported by Neil St. Clair.

Ian & Frances Sinclair were hosts on August 1st at the Sinclair tent at Tam O'Shanter Highland Games, Easton, MA, where many people learned about Prince Henry.

In Detroit, MI, at the Highland Games, Gordon S. Flaws had many displays about Prince Henry in his Sinclair tent.

Once again in Advocate Harbor, Nova Scotia, there was an ecumenical church service on August 2nd, dedicated in part to Prince Henry Sinclair.

The Clan Douglas tent at the Central NY Highland Games, in Syracuse, featured Prince Henry, thanks to Cindi and Art Douglas.

On August 15th the Maine Highland Games in Brunswick was attended by Mary Selver, who operated the Clan Sinclair tent, which promoted Prince Henry's 14th century travels to America.

Ahead of us are several other events worthy of note. In Altamont, NY, the Capital District Highland Games will be attended on August 30th by Art & Cindi Douglas on behalf of Prince Henry Sinclair. Sandra Alexander will be at the Celtic Classic Festival in Bethleham, PA on September 28. Ian & Frances Sinclair plan to display at Goshen, CT & Scotland, CT, 0n October 3 and 11. Donald Sinclair will host the Sinclair tent at Stone Mountain, GA, on October 15-18.

The Big Event

Most people are looking forward to the major event, which will be from September 17 - 20 at the NH Highland Games. Clan Sinclair has been selected as the "Honored Clan", and its Clan Chief, Malcolm Caithness, will be in attendance. An all-day symposium will include a series of 1-hour seminars on a variety of subjects relating to Prince Henry. All tickets for the NHHG event must be obtained from the NH Highland Games at 1-800-358-SCOT or at the gates. See also <>.

Immediately following, from September 21-23, will be the Gathering of Clans at the Westford Regency Hotel, Westford, MA. The program consists a Symposium, banquet, reception, and harbor cruise. Registration costs $15 per person. While the Symposium sessions are free to all registrants, the Banquet is $35, Reception is $15, and the Cruise is $15. Space is limited, so send your check today, made out to "Clan Gathering", 65 Hartwell St, West Boylston, MA, 01583.

Ongoing attraction

Ever since its opening early this Summer, a steady stream of visitors has been enjoying the Prince Henry Sinclair Monument and Picnic Area. It is located in Guysborough, Nova Scotia on Route 16. Locally it has been called Halfway Cove Lookout at the site where Prince Henry is thought to have made his landing. Today the Park has a huge stone monument, surrounded by several informative panels, a 12-foot picnic table, and bench seats. The view over Chedabuctco Bay is impressive. Hundreds of tourists have signed the Visitor's Log. A few of their comments include "Spectacular", "Awesome piece of history", "Great! Beautiful sight & love the signs", "Nice place, "picture perfect", "History is great!", "Taxes well spent". Incidentally, the displays and equipment at this Park were not paid by taxpayers, but rather the Prince Henry Sinclair Society, of which D'Elayne Coleman is president.

Prince Henry's Heros

During the past four years, the Prince Henry Project Committee has held frequent meetings to help coordinate the efforts of people in many parts of the world on the subject of Prince Henry Sinclair. At this time when the 600th celebrations are nearly completed, it has been obvious that certain people have contributed enormously more than most. For this reason. the PHP Committee has recognized "Prince Henry's Heros". A few are listed below:
Niven Sinclair
Businessman in London, whose youth was in Caithness, Scotland, Niven Sinclair has conducted boundless research on Henry Sinclair. He founded "Friends of Rosslyn" and the Sinclair Heritage Library in Caithness. At his own expense he has disseminated his findings generously without seeking personal financial gain. He was the founder and major sponsor of the Sinclair Symposium in Orkney in 1997. Truly, Niven has inspired thousands of people to join his goal of bringing Prince Henry the recognition he deserves.

D'Elayne and Richard Coleman
From their Nova Scotia summer home, D'Elayne and Richard have had outstanding intellectual curiosity about Prince Henry Sinclair. Theirs is an unshaken belief in his saga. By organizing the Prince Henry Sinclair Society, they have brought together hundreds of supporters. Their Celebration Day in June brought Mi'kmaq Indians into festivities with all other visitors. In order to encourage youth, D'Elayne has granted $100 awards for essays about Prince Henry. She and her husband, Richard, have demonstrated courageous determination to create the Overlook Park, featuring a large stone monument recognizing Prince Henry.

Elaine Sinclair Fowler
A school teacher in Vermont, Elaine has visualized the need in the educational system to include Prince Henry Sinclair in its course of instruction. Accordingly, she has studied the Sinclair Voyage saga and developed a curriculum of activity units complying with the Vermont Framework of Standards, aimed at elementary and middle schools. Moreover, Elaine has personally introduced this teacher's guide to school systems in Fairfax, VT, Westford, MA, Advocate, NS, Guysborough, NS, and even Roslin, Scotland. Her three books offer guidance to teachers everywhere.

Gordon Sinclair Flaws
A resident of Midlothian, a small city in Illinois, Gordon Flaws recognized the need for bringing Scottish history, including the Prince Henry saga, to the thousands of residents in his community. Accordingly, he wrote six short articles about Scotland, placed them weekly into the city's newspaper, and encouraged the school children to learn about their heritage by offering a $1000 scholarship to the winner of a Scottish history comprehension test. In addition, Gordon has promoted Prince Henry at the Sinclair tent at three Highland Games in Illinois.

Robert Sinclair Green
In New Jersey, Bob Green is a consulting engineer and an avid boatman. He has conducted research into the 14th century ships used by Prince Henry Sinclair. With a keen conviction he took on the challenge build a Replica Ship. Relentlessly, he sought to raise funds, but fell short. Nevertheless, he arranged for models of Prince Henry's vessel to be exhibited at the four major Highland Games in eastern USA, seen by over a hundred thousand persons. In addition, he has contributed funds to the 1998 Celebration Clan Gathering.

John Sinclair Quarterman
While he serves as president of an Internet-related startup company in Texas, John Quarterman volunteered his time and talent to maintain a Web Site, <>, for making the monthly 600th Celebration Newsletters available to a worldwide audiance. In addition, John hosts an Internet electronic mail discussion list for conversation about Sinclair genealogy and Prince Henry. Thousands of persons have been reached by John's devoted efforts.

John Olin
A genealogist in Florida for Clan Gunn, John Olin has volunteered his services to post the monthly 600th Celebration Newsletters, as well as descriptions of Prince Henry, Westford Carving, and other related matters. Thousands of "hits" are reported on John's Web Site, <>.

More Prince Henry's Heros
In our future newsletters we will list additional persons who have provided unselfishly to perpetuate the memory of Prince Henry Sinclair.

New Genealogy Book Unveiled

Just released to the printing presses after five years of preparation, a new Sinclair genealogy is available in two volumes. Its format complies with the Modified Register System, refined by the National Genealogical Society. The author, Pete Cummings, is the Genealogist of Clan Sinclair. He has compiled the data from many old publications as well as from Clan members. Individuals are indexed by family surname and maiden names, numbered for easy access to their ancestors and descendants. See "Books Available" below.

Books Available

References about our Medieval Scottish hero, Prince Henry Sinclair, may be purchased from the address shown on this Newsletter. Add 10% for postage & handling.
"Prince Henry Sinclair"
by Frederick J. Pohl $20
"Sword of the North",
by Richard W. White $25
"Sinclair's Voyage to America",
by H. S. Cummings, Jr. $20
"Genealogy of Prince Henry Sinclair",
by Pete Cummings $70
"Genealogy of St. Clair/Sinclair Families",
Pete Cummings $80
"Teacher's Guide",
by Elaine S. Fowler $7
"Prince Henry Coloring Book",
by Elaine S. Fowler $5
"Who Was the Scottish Knight?",
by Elaine S. Fowler $5
"Illustrated Guide - Rosslyn Chapel",
Wallace-Murphy, etc $20
"Wee Sinclair Legends",
by H. S. Cummings $10
"Ancient Mysteries",
by Robert Cahill $20
"Templar Legacy, Masonic Inheritance",
Wallace-Murphy $25
"The Hiram Key",
by Knight & Lomas $35
"Holy Blood, Holy Grail",
by Baigent, etc. $20
Make plans today to attend the Clan Gathering on September 20-23 in Westford, MA. Registration Fees must be paid in advance; See a prior Newsletter for the Form.
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