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Pete Cummings
To promote recognition of Henry Sinclair, 14th Century explorer of North America, and to celebrate the 600th anniversary in 1998

25 September 1997 Issue

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Symposium in Fall

Josh Gourlay has announced a 3-day Symposium about Prince Henry Sinclair will be held in Orkney on September 5 through 11, 1997. It will include such subjects as ancient maps and ships, historical Orkney background, Knights Templar, Sinclair heritage, the trans-Atlantic voyage, and pros & cons. Early registration indicates that this will be a very memorable "summit meeting" for several dozen leaders and many more followers.

[Action: For more information, contact Mr. Gourlay at phone 01144-1856-870-992 or email at ]

Improvements at Rosslyn

The Friends of Rosslyn have recently taken over the Parsonage, which is the large house on the left side of the road leading to the Chapel. When you next visit this very special place, you will find a new Sinclair Library, a Templar Museum, the Roslin Heritage Museum, a Research & Study Center, a Gift Shop and Tea Room. Much credit for this goes to Niven Sinclair and Judith Fisken.

The Templar collection at the Museum will establish the Sinclair patronage of the Knightly Orders, according to Robert Brydon. In addition it will include new material about the Gypsy influence in Rosslyn Glen.

Close ties established with Prince Henry Society of USA

Realizing that the year of the 600th Celebration is now less than one year away, there is a uniting of efforts under Common Objectives. The Prince Henry Project and the newly formed Prince Henry Sinclair Society have pledged to work closely together. Both have the same Mission Statement, which states committment to exploration, research, education, and sharing information of the 14th century trans-Atlantic journeys of Sinclair. Both PHP and PHSS share seven of the same Directors! Each organization brings "something special to the table", which should result in everyone being better prepared for the 1998 Celebration. D'Elayne Coleman is President of PHSS-USA and VP of the Prince Henry Project Committee.

Grand Master's Fair

Thanks to PHP members Ken Swift, Bob Knight, & Matt Mallard, there was a Prince Henry table at the annual Grand Master's Fair. Located in Charleton, MA, more than 10,000 people in attendance. A display of a large Templar flag and other material attracted viewers, who received handout brochures about the 1398 Templar Expedition to America.

More about Prince Henry

[In previous issues of this Newsletter we have presented a summary of the boyhood, knighthood, Orkney, and voyage of the remarkable 14th visit to America by 200 - 300 explorers. Here, we continue with a description of the archaeological evidence in Massachusetts.]

In the springtime, the European explorers loaded their ships and traveled southward to the New England Coast, just north of Boston. Evidence indicates they travelled to the Merrimack River, then upstream to Stony Brook to its source. The party landed and spent the winter, living peacefully with the Algonquin Indians.

While hiking toward Prospect Hill, one of Prince Henry's companions by the name of Sir James Gunn died. In memory of their lost companion, the party carved a marker on the face of a horizontal stone ledge. Various sized holes were punched into the stone by a sharp tool, driven by a mallet. The image was that of a Scottish Knight, with a 39-inch long sword and shield, bearing the Gunn family insignia. Where glacial scratches or rock colorations existed, they were incorporated into the manmade picture.

Located beside this ancient rock carving are four stone posts with heavy iron chains. A recent granite monument was erected by Allister MacDougall, the Town Historian, to honor Prince Henry Sinclair's companion. The inscription on the granite stone reads;

"Prince Henry First Sinclair of Orkney born in Scotland made a voyage of discovery to North America in 1398. After wintering in Nova Scotia he sailed to Massachusetts and on an inland expedition in 1399 to Prospect Hill to view the surrounding countryside, one of the party died. The punch-hole armorial effigy that adorns this ledge is a Memorial to this Knight."
If you take a very close look at the rock ledge, you will see the punched holes. They are very weather-worn. Someone has painted a shield on the rock surface, and this painting helps you see the punched holes. Natives in this town of Westford are familiar with their Westford Knight. Historian Frederick J. Pohl heard of these revelations and visited Westford to see the discovery for himself. He reported, "The following are undeniably manmade workings: the pommel, handle, and guard of the sword; below the guard the break across the blade suggests the death of the sword's owner; the crest above the pommel; a few holes at the sword's point; the punch-hole jess lines attached to the legs of the falcon; the bell-shaped hollows; the corner of the shield touching the pommel; the crescent on the shield; and the holes that form a decorative pattern on the pommel." Archaeologist James P. Whittall, among many others, has also studied the Westford Carvings extensively and he confirms these findings.

[This story of Prince Henry's expedition will be continued in the next issue if this Newsletter. The full-text, 46-page booklet "Sinclair's Exploration of America", along with a Membership Certificate, is available for all new Bronze Members. Join today. Send $40 or more to PHP, PO Box 158, Worcester, MA, 01613.]

Sinclair Trail in Nova Scotia

At the monthly Prince Henry Project Committee meeting on June 24th, chaired by Pete Cummings, twenty of its Coordinators & Members participated, some by phone, letter, or email, others in person. Bob Green reported good progress on ship plans, which are now being quoted by several shipbuilders. The Model has been displayed at three Highland Games, reported Pam Manganelli, where it received "overwhelming" interest. According to Neil St. Clair, the Province of Nova Scotia in congunction with local towns, is going to mark the highways in the vacinity of the Bay of Fundy with signs reading "Sinclair Trail."

A Special Person

Susan G. Grady, a Research/Writer on the Prince Henry Project Committee, has composed several beautiful visualizations of Prince Henry. "Waiting the Return" is a narrative among several members of Prince Henry's crew who remained in Nova Scotia when Henry returned to Orkney. They discuss their environment and wait for Prince Henry's return. Another article is titled "A Special Person". It is a discussion between an Indian leader with Little Hawk. It is apparant that the younger one has some white man's blood in his veins. Feeling slightly different, he is very insecure until the elder tells of meeting some blond haired, blue-eyed strangers. On one occasion, these visitors saved a Native from drowning, and an Indian maid married the courageous white man. "So you see, Little Hawk, you must be very proud you look different from your friends because you are the descendant of special people sent to us by the Great Spirit."

[NOTE: Copies are available for $2.]

Prince Henry appears in Tulsa!

Thanks to Annette Hixenbaugh, Prince Henry Sinclair was seen in costume at the Scottish Heritage Festival in Midwest City, Oklahoma. What a great idea! Maybe this gives others an idea they could follow. Each of us in our own way can help tell more people about our favorite explorer.

[ACTION Send us your ideas. We'd like to tell others what you are doing.]

Brad Barker elected Event Coordinator

Events for the 600th celebration will occur at many locations, from Nova Scotia to North Carolina! Brad Barker has been elected Coordinator for the South East Coastal States. He will select the sites and the dates and make arrangements for conducting festivities.

[ACTION Call Brad at 919-542-2795 if you are interested in volunteering your help.]

Volunteers wanted!

Committees are needed in each celebration location. Prime sites are Newburyport, MA; Newport, RI; Boston, MA; New York City; Marblehead, MA; and Halifax, NS.

[ ACTION Please let us know of your interest.]

Thanks to recent contributors.

We are indebted to Neil St. Clair (Silver Sponsor), D'Elayne Coleman (Founder Sponsor), and the following Bronze Sponsors: Scott Robinson, Natalie Fletcher, Michael Teague, Dorothy Paine, Peggy Sinclair, Nicholas Andreson, Robert Knight, Eleanor Gray, Thelma Hurley, Michael Kaulback, and Delores McRae. The total count of our Bronze Members is now forty-eight. We thank each of our Members for their generous support!

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