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Sinclair Places Visits

From: "K.W.S"
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 19:59:26 -0600

Hello Cousins

If any of you have plans on visiting in or near some Sinclair named Places, this year, you may meet other Sinclairs.

Go to the 'SINCLAIR PLACES VISIT' Calendar Page on Rootsweb to enter your Itinerary, so other Sinclair's will know when you will be there.

Have fun

Ken W Sinclair

Sinclair Places

Here we present material on selected Sinclair places, which are listed in chronological order in the navigation bar to the left, and which you can page through by using the arrows in the upper left.

[Roslin Castle] [Girnigoe Castle] These include the most ancient seat of the Sinclairs in Scotland, Roslin Castle, near Edinburgh as well as the most picturesque ruin in the north of Scotland, Girnigoe Castle, near Wick in Caithness.

[Rosslyn Chapel] Near Roslin Castle is a work of art in stone that is unique in the world, Rosslyn Chapel.

[The Westford Knight] Included are two Sinclair places in the New World, the ruins of the Castle at the Cross in Nova Scotia, and the rock memorial effigy near Westford, Massachusetts that is commonly known as The Westford Knight. Both are associated with Prince Henry Sinclair.

[Orkney] [Shetland] Prince Henry had that title because he was Earl of Orkney, and we include pages on Orkney and Shetland. [Caithness] We also include pages on the place that is most associated with Sinclairs, Caithness, as well as on the other Scottish home of a Sinclair group, Argyll.

Paul Sinclair has web pages with extensive material on Sinclair Landmarks in History.

Ken W. Sinclair has web pages of Sinclair Place Names, about many places named Sinclair around Canada and the world.

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