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Greetings to all.
There is a small electronic sept of the mailing list working on compiling the Sinclair history in Argyll. What would be useful for those of you with a common interest is to know where further information may be found. We want to attach a bibliography for further research. So what we would ask is if you know of have any published information on Argyll could you send it diectly to me at rinsin@globalserve.net so not to cloud others that do not share the same interest with extraneous information.  If you could break it down as follows...

Arthor; Title of Article or Book, year published, publisher, ( page no, volume) if applicable
and whether it is available in print in 1998 or whether out of print and if so where it is archived if this is known. Many original documents are out of print and are quite ancient.
A big thank you. The biography when compiled will be available through all Clan Sinclair associations and anyother repositories that are logical. I thank you in advance.
Neil Sinclair
Kilmodon, Argyll)