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Re: Daniel T. and Margaret Eleanore(Ellie)Sinclair

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Jean, I appreciate your advice. Ido have a lot of records to send for. I found
all of the Funeral Home addresses in Covington on the net and will be writing
to them. My Moms recent death was very difiicult for me. It happened so fast
but I was able to be with her. She was a beautiful woman. It will be
interesting to find if she looked like a Sinclair. I will now get everything
together and start using the U.S.postal service. I am aware this will require
$, but for what better cause.I have been told by others it can take years.
Guess I thought with the new info, someone might knowsomething more.
Should I join the GEBWEB or GedForum?,I will join if it would be of help. One
of them has a charge to get into certain files. Some of the papers I had seen
before in my Moms trunk were not available to me. My brother, being younger
and not at all interested, grudgingly brought out boxes from his garage but I
don't think he brought out all of them, as a few guardienship papers and a
letter on guardienship was not amongst them. Strangely the antique trunk was
not there. Interesting huh? Just boxes. A member of his family is interested
in the value of antiques, I am only interested in knowing of my mothers
family. Again, Jean, thank you very much
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