Prince Henry
In Memorium
Pete Cummings
To promote recognition of Henry Sinclair, 14th Century explorer of North America, and to celebrate the 600th anniversary in 1998

21 October 1997 Issue

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Celebration begins in 4 months!

The time has arrived when you should start to make your own personal plans for celebrating Prince Henry's 600th anniversary. Coordinating with family vacations needs some advance planning. We shall try to keep you informed about the latest details of events, wherever they may be located around the world.

For several years the Prince Henry Sinclair Project Committee, it predecessor, the 600th Celebration Committee, as well as the Prince Henry Sinclair Society and the Sinclair Clans, have been seeking to coordinate with each other. Their aim has been to assist in stimulating the best of all plans, so that you may pick and choose to suit your desire.

The first events is the Scottish Weekend on Feb. 21-23, 1998, in Moultrie, GA. It will feature Prince Henry Sinclair. All are invited. Read more about this event in "The Family Tree" magazine this month.

Model Attracts Interest

Throughout 1977, the 45" long Model of Prince Henry's ship has traveled up and down the eastern coast of the United States. Record crowds at Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in July marvelled at the means of ocean transportation in the 14th century. The Model was exhibited in Alexandria, VA, at the Highland Games and then in at the Highland Games at Williamsburg, VA, and the Celtic Festival in Prince Frederick, MD. A commitment has been made to feature the Model at the huge Stone Mountain Highland Games in Georgia in October. Much credit for these arrangements is given to Bob Green, Pam Manganelli, and Susan Grady. Totally, about 200,000 people have had the opportunity to learn about the 1398 expedition to America. In each location, many of our informative fliers have been handed out. Our objective of spreading the word about Prince Henry has been achieved.

Clan Sinclair Gathering

In the United States, more than 250 members and friends of Clan Sinclair (USA) are anticipated to attend the Gathering of the Clan next Fall. Events are scheduled to begin on Sep. 17, 1998, with an impressive Tattoo at the New Hampshire Highland Games. Festivities will continue through Sep. 20th. At that time, people will travel to Westford, MA, for ceremonies on Sep. 21 & 22. On Sep 23rd many people will drive a short distance to Newburyport, MA, where a harbor cruise is planned, along a portion of the route taken by Prince Henry 600 years ago. A few Sinclairs expect to go on to share a lunch and ceremonies in Exeter, NH, where their immigrant forefather, John Sinclair lived.

Reservations for motels, Clan Banquet, and Harbor Cruise must be made right away. For more information, contact Pete Cummings, General Chair of Clan Sinclair Gathering at 65 Hartwell St, West Boylston, MA, 01583, or Fax 508-835-2944.

Nova Scotia invites you!

Our Nova Scotia Coordinator, Neil St. Clair, announces that Advocate, located near the spectacular Bay of Fundy, has set a schedule for their celebration. Arrangements are being made by Rev. David Chisling. On Friday, July 31st, there will be a concert. A memorial service on Aug. 1 will be followed by a church supper. "Kilt Day" will be Aug. 2, when Rev. Malcolm Sinclair of Toronto will speak at the church service in Advocate. The next day, August 3rd will contain joyous festivities, including bagpipes and Scottish dancing.

In nearby Parrsboro, there will also be celebrations. Several hours driving time away is Guysborough, where more events will occur. The schedules for these will be announced soon.

Another attraction is the Cape D'Or Provincial Park. It is the location where, 600 years ago, Prince Henry over wintered and build his ships for the return voyage. The parking lot has been expanded, a cafeteria opened, and an overnight guest house has been outfitted. The recent improvements mentioned above are the result of efforts by the Advocate Development Association. Approximately 5000 visitors signed in at this new park in 1995, and in 1996 that number increased to 7000.

Visitors to Nova Scotia will certainly want to travel to the Guysborough area to see the Prince Henry Memorial Park. Still in its infancy, it is located on the shores of Chadabucto Bay, where Prince Henry is thought to have made his first landfall. A large stone monument has been installed, bearing a brass plaque which honors Prince Henry. If the requested for funds is granted by Canada, a small museum and gift house, together with living villages of 14th century European settlers and Micmac Native Americans may be seen in this park. Dedication festivities will be announced. Inquiries are invited by Neil St. Clair, 19 Soley Cove Rd, Lower Economy, NS, BOM 1J0, Canada.

Federation of Scottish Clans joins celebration

The Nova Scotia based Federation has cancelled its "An All Clans Day" in the summer of 1998 in favor of assisting with the Prince Henry celebration. Plans will be announced.

Educational materials

During the past several years, people have urged that educational materials be developed about Prince Henry's expedition to America. Several people have offered to take on the task of developing a curriculum, aimed at youngsters at the grade school level. Several people, including Tobin Gunn, Karol Gooch, and Elaine Sinclair Fowler, have shown interest in helping Elaine's material includes informative stories, map reading, vocabulary, comprehension, coloring sheets, spelling exercises, and creative games. For more information, please contact Elaine at 802-372-3025 or PO Box 212, 21 Sunset View Rd, So. Hero, VT, 05486. Or, contact the PHP Committee.

Rosslyn Chapel

The Friends of Rosslyn have recently elected new officers. Niven Sinclair and Judith Fisken are highly supportive, and they still offer much help. The new president is James M. Munro, treasurer is Kenneth Sinclair, and a director is John Ritchie. I (Pete Cummings) have personally met each of them and I believe they have similar interests towards Rosslyn Chapel as do most of us in the USA. I urge you to give them your support. They recognize that their task in establishing productive relations with the Earl's trust is of utmost importance, as is their responsibility in building a support among the current members of The Friends of Rosslyn. Very appropriately, they also have trusteeship of facilities, staffing, and programs. We should hear more from this new, energetic group of leaders in Scotland.

Men lost at sea

A tradition in the town of Advocate is to honor the seamen who never returned. In this fishing village, steeped in history of early explorers, the Memorial service at the wharf each year at the end of summer has great meaning. On August 31, 1997, Rev. David Chisling introduced Conrad Byers, who delivered a very informative speech titled, "Prince Henry Sinclair."

Resource Centers

Neil St. Clair reports that in Nova Scotia, the Prince Henry Sinclair Society of North America has earmarked $300 fore each of two resource centers. One is located at the Community Library in Guysborough, while the other is being established in Advocate. Each provide availability of reference material.

Newsletter Availability

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