Prince Henry
In Memorium
Pete Cummings
To promote recognition of Henry Sinclair, 14th Century explorer of North America, and to celebrate the 600th anniversary in 1998

January/February 1998 Issue

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This is our year! 1998 is the 600th anniversary of Prince Henry's epic voyage to America.

This newsletter will keep you informed of the celebration events. Here's what you'll find in this issue:

Certainly this is a time for pride in our heritage. Twelve sailing ships, led by Prince Henry Sinclair and manned by 200-300 Scottish Knights and Monks, set foot on the North American continent in 1398. Their navigator was Antonio Zeno from Venice, Italy.

Theirs was a voyage of exploration and settlement. They weren't conquistadores as were many other explorers. Instead, they were welcomed by the Micmac Native Americans. The Europeans were peaceful and harmonious, setting an excellent example for us to follow today, 600 years later.

Our celebrations will take place in many locations in the USA and Nova Scotia. Listed in this newsletter are some of the events you may want to visit. Each will recognize Prince Henry and his Scottish companions. To find more information about any of these event, contact the person listed, who has organized the Prince Henry celebration in that area.

Scottish Weekend in Georgia features the Scottish Voyage of 1398

In a few weeks, on February 21-22, Prince Henry Sinclair and his 200-300 Scottish companions will be honored at the Scottish Weekend in Moultrie, GA. Pre-registration is strongly suggested. Call Beth Gay at the Odom Library at 912-890-2401. There is a full and exciting schedule of events.
Friday, Feb. 20
7:00 pm Ceilidh & Dutch Treat Supper
Saturday, Feb. 21
Celebrity guest will be Cliff Robertson
Symposium, all day starting at 9:00 am
Special Collections, by Kathering Shelfer
Scottish Sea Chanties, by Eric Duncan
How to Wear Your Scottish Wardrobe, by Andy Mowatt
Slide & Exhibits of a Scottish Artist, by Ardell Morton
Harry Lauder, by George & Carol Worthley
Heraldry, by Dr. David Johnson
Prince Henry Sinclair's Voyage, by Pete Cummings
Knights Templar, by Douglas Talley
Rosslyn Chapel, by Peter Geery, Shawn Steadman, & Brock Moss
Council of Scottish Clans & Assoc, by Bob McWilliam
Scottish Handmade Heirlooms, by Valery Gray
Scottish Art in the 20th Century, by Susan Wilson
Entertainment & Display
Mowatt's Scottish Classsics
Weems & Sons Booksellers
Ardell Morton's Scottish paintings
Tape sales by Carl Peterson, George & Carol Worthley, Eric Duncan, Rixey & MacMillan
Susan Wilson's Contempoorary Scottish Art

Site of the Westford Knight hosts Clan Sinclair Gathering

The schedule of events in Westford has been set. It will be important to make your reservations promptly, as space is limited. For prices and details, contact Pete Cummings, General Chairman, at PO Box 150, Worcester, MA, 01613, or email at
Monday, Sep 219:00 amRegistration
10:00 amSymposium (in hour sessions)
2:00 pmCommissioners Meeting
7:00 pmClan Banquet
Tues, Sep 229:00 amSchedule tours to the Westford Knight ledge
2:00 pmMeeting of Clan Membership
7:00 pmReception
Wednesday, Sep 238:30 amHarbor Tour #1
10:00 amHarbor Tour #2
1:30 pmLuncheon in Exeter
3:00 pmTour of Exeter

Celebrations throughout the year salute Prince Henry

21-22 Feb 98

Scottish Weekend, Moultrie, GA Contact: Beth Gay PO Box 1110 Moultrie, GA, 31776 912-985-6540

16-17 May 98

Boothbay Scottish Hertiage Festival, Boothbay, ME Contact: Mary Selver 42 Hampshire Drive Nashua, NH, 03063 603-884-2328

27 Jun 98

Western MA Highland Games, Northampton, MA Contact: Ian & Frances Sinclair 61 Absalona Hill Road Chepachet, R.I., 02814 401-949-0146

2 Jun 98

Landfall Medieval Feast Halifax, NS Contact: William E. Sinclair 200 Spinnaker Dr Halifax, NS, B3N3C6, Canada 902-479-7470

18 June 1998

Grand Master's Fair Charlton, MA Contact: Matthew Mallard 473 Mill Street Worcester, MA, 01602 508-755-6721

27 Jun 98

Illinois Highland Games Midlothian, IL Contact: Gordon S. Flaws 14910 Ridgeway Ave Midlothian, IL, 60445 708-385-7805

4-13 July 98

Metro Highland Games & Events Halifax, Nova Scotia Contact: William E. Sinclair 200 Spinnaker Dr Halifax, NS, B3N3C6, Canada 902-479-7470

9-12 Jul 98

Grandfather Mountain Games Linville, NC Contact: Bradley S. Barker 3211 Big Woods Rd Chapel Hill, NC, 27514 919-542-2795

17 Jul - 2 Aug 98

Advocate & Parrsboro 600th Celebration Events Contact: Neil St. Clair 19 Soley Cove Rd. Lower Economy, NS, BOM1J0 902-647-2665

18 Jul 98

Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival Blanford, MA Contact: Ian & Frances Sinclair 61 Absalona Hill Road Chepachet, R.I., 02814 401-949-0146

25-26 Jul 98

Alexandria Scottish Games Alexandria, VA Contact: Susan Grady 6330 Hillcrest Place Alexandria, VA, 22312 703-941-7021

22 Aug 98

Quechee Scottish Festival Quechee, VT Contact: Mary Selver 42 Hampshire Drive Nashua, NH, 03063 603-884-2328

17-20 Sep 98

NH Highland Games Lincoln, NH Contact: Elmer E. Eldredge 447 Sixth Street Dover, NH, 03820 603-742-5606

21-23 Sep 98

Clan Gathering Westford & Exeter Contact: Mary Selver 42 Hampshire Drive Nashua, NH, 03063 603-884-2328

25-27 Sep 98

Celtic Classic Festival Bethleham, PA Contact: Sandra S. Alexander 944 Hedgerow Ct Blue Bell, PA, 19422 215-628-4328

15-18 Oct 98

Stone Mountain Games Stone Mountain, GA Contact: Donald L. Sinclair 9160 Four Mile Creek Rd Gainesville, GA, 30506 770-952-1121

Harmonious Diversity

Never before in the history of mankind has it been more important to practice Harmonious Diversity!

We all need to sharpen our skills in tact and understanding. World conflicts, as well as our own personal misunderstandings, would disappear if we were more harmonious. Peace and good will would be all around us.

Let us learn from the 600-year-old saga of Prince Henry Sinclair. He and his crew of Knights and Monks can teach us an important lesson. Diverse was their impact, for the Native Americans welcomed them.

An example Six Centuries ago, which we should follow today. Let's teach this important lesson to our family and friends, and to the children in schools. This anniversary year gives us the opportunity of focusing our attention on peaceful co-existance among all peoples. That is, "Harmonious Diversity."

Frequently Asked Questions about Prince Henry

(responded by Pete Cummings)

  1. Are you sure that Prince Henry Sinclair really discovered America before Columbus?
    Yes, I am! Historians are very correct in seeking conclusive evidence. Unfortunately, the documentation about Henry Sinclair is fragmentary. Thus many people have expressed doubts. Others, have studied the saga of the Voyage of 1398, and they are willing to accept the basic premise that Prince Henry Sinclair explored America 94 years before the time of Columbus.
    You may ask, "why do people doubt the story?" The answer is obvious when you think that there were no public relations agents and no media 600 years ago. (Unlike a century later, when Columbus benefited from the printing press to project his story.) The reports of the Sinclair Voyage reached very few ears, and just as important, the leading characters quickly vanished. In effect, the story was withheld!
    Prince Henry died in battle in Orkney soon after his return from America. Some people believe he was assasinated by members of the Hanseatic League, who were threated by his success in finding new trade routes.
    The Navigator for Sinclair's fleet, Antonio Zeno, also died after his return to Venice. The Log of the Voyage, maintained by Antonio was placed in storage and not discovered for 160 years in 1558!
    The son of Prince Henry, by the same name, was captured at sea, while he was escorting the young Crown Prince James from Scotland to France for safekeeping. Both were held in English prision for many years. (This Henry, married Egida, daughter of King Robert II)

  2. Is there any reason to believe that Christopher Columbus knew anything about Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage to America? His daughter, Elizabeth, passed the story along to her son, who told his in-laws, who were the parents of Columbus's wife! (Elizabeth married Sir John Drummond, brother of King Robert III's wife. Their son married into the Perestrello family)

  3. What's the evidence of the Voyage?
    The Zeno Map was drawn by Nicolo & Antonio Zeno, in 1393 in Prince Henry's ships and under his orders. This Map is known to have been used by mariners for the next 150 years. It showed the north Atlantic Ocean, all the way to Nova Scotia, with incredible accuracy.
    The Zeno Narrative, or ship's log, includes a number of references which would have been impossible for others to fabricate. It describes the voyage and landing.
    The Westford Knight carving in Massachusetts shows a Medieval Knight, bearing the Clan Gunn crest and a sword of unquestioned 14th century design. Many archaeologists agree it was carved in the late 1300's.
    The contingency plans made by Prince Henry before this voyage indicate that he was embarking on an expedition from which he might never return. His lands were disbursed to his sons and daughters.
    The Micmac Legends of the Native Americans have many references to a likeness of the Earl of Orkney, which in Indian language sounds like "Glooscap". The fishing net and reference to his "stone canoe" are examples.
    Many words in the Micmac language have a great similarity with Norse words, as were spoken by the Sinclair explorers.
    [Rosslyn Chapel]
    In Scotland there is a Rosslyn Chapel, in which there are hundreds of stone carvings, made in the mid 1400's. Some show American corn and Aloe Cactus, which was unknown in Europe at that time. It could only have been known if a Sinclair returned from traveling in America!

  4. The Scots love their heros. But, Prince Henry isn't as well known as William Wallace & Robert the Bruce. Does he belong in the front rank of Scots great? Yes indeed. In time, it is certain that Henry Sinclair will gain the recognition he deserves in history.

  5. Did Prince Henry really precede Columbus? Yes! The date of Prince Henry's appointment as Earl of Orkney on August 2, 1379, is unquestionably documented, well before 1492.

  6. The Scotland on Sunday newspaper quotes you as saying "Unfortunately Scots here in the USA for some reason don't seem to be able to pull together. There isn't enough cooperation between clans. Clan Gunn has stopped talking to us" Is that true?
    The single greatest lesson which Prince Henry taught the world was Harmonious Diversity. He was NOT a conquestitor. He was welcomed by the Micmac Indians, and their Legends report harmony in their relations with Glooscap.
    Every human being is different from others. Their likes and dislikes are not the same. However, the magic adhesive which brings people together is a feeling of Common Objectives. When individuals focus upon the same Goals, they are harmonious. That's when great achievements are made! Differences become unimportant.
    All Scots, including the Sinclairs and the Gunns, and in fact, all Europeans, share the Common Objective of recognizing and celebrating their earliest explorations of America. We also share the Goal of Peace and Harmony among mankind.
    The Gunns and the Sinclairs will certainly celebrate the 600th anniversary together at the NH Highland Games this year! We expect a grand event, attended by 50,000 people!

  7. What specific events will give recognition to Prince Henry Sinclair in the 600th anniversary year?
    The first celebration in 1998 will be on February 21, in Moultrie, GA, at the Scottish Weekend.
    Recognizing the Landfall 600 years ago, there will be a ceremony in Halifax, NS, on June 2nd.
    A Sinclair tent and a Prince Henry tent will be at the Illinois Highland Games in Midlothian, IL, on June 27th, preceded by displays about Prince Henry at the Midlothian Historical Society throughout the month.
    The Grand Master's Fair in Charlton, MA, will recognize GM Henry Sinclair on June 13th.
    The 600th Celebration Committee in Parrsboro, NS, is conducting a week-long festival starting on July 17th.
    Next, in Halifax, NS, Prince Henry Sinclair will be recognized at the Metro Highland Games on July 4th.
    A few days later, on July 10th, the historic Expedition will be honored at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina.
    Many celebration events will be in Guysborough, NS, on July 13 & 14.
    Parrsboro, NS, conducts its commemorative events on July 17 thru 30.
    Advocate Harbour, NS, then has a commemorative concert and church service on July 31-Aug 2nd.
    On July 27th, the Highland Games in Alexandria, VA, on July 27th will acknowledge the Sinclair Voyage.
    Undoubtedly the most significant celebration will take place at the NH Highland Games on Sept. 17-20, for Clan Sinclair will be recognized as an Honored Clan and there will be a Gathering of Clan Sinclair.
    At the site of the Westford Knight carving in Massachusetts, a program of events will be conducted for Sinclairs, Gunns, & friends on Sept 21-22.
    On October 16th at Stone Mountain, GA, Prince Henry will be saluted for his heroic voyage 600 years ago.

  8. What organization has been coordinating the many regional interests in the Prince Henry Sinclair saga and celebration?
    During the past two years, the 600th Celebration Committee, of which I am Chairman, has held monthly meetings to stimulate and coordinate these events. Its 30 members are from many Scottish Clans, Masonic organizations, and regional areas. In addition, financial support has been contributed by over 50 individuals. Each regional event is being conducted by leadership from within that region. Clan Sinclair is also providing guidance.
    Some of the organizations (and regions) which are involved with Prince Henry celebrations are the following:

    i. Prince Henry Sinclair Society
    ii. Clan Sinclair of USA
    iii. Clan Sinclair of Canada
    iv. Clan Gunn Society of North America
    v. Caledonian Foundation
    vi. Clan Douglas
    vii. Clan Scott
    viii. 600th Celebration Committee of Advocate, NS
    ix. 600th Celebration Committee of the NW
    x. Friends of Rosslyn
    xi. NH Highland Games

  9. Where can people find more about the Prince Henry Sinclair saga?
    Without doubt, the most current authority on Prince Henry Sinclair is a businessman in London by the name of Niven Sinclair. Inspiration for the Prince Henry saga has come from dozens of published books, including and many other books.
    More about this Celebration of the remarkable voyage to America 600 years ago is published monthly on our Internet Web Sites <URL:> or <URL:>, or by subscribing to the newsletter "600th Celebration News" by contacting Pete Cummings at PO Box 158, Worcester, MA, USA, 01613. Contributions of $40 (or anything you care to send) will be much appreciated to defray the mailing costs of publicity for the Celebration.

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