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Sir Clive Sinclair (1940-) of the PC

Sir Clive Marles Sinclair, born 30 July 1940 Knighted 1983, staunchly [Sir Clive Sinclair] English, this balding, bearded red headed figure can be seen around Shepard Market, Mayfair, London. He has pioneered in the field of microelectronics. He invented Britain's first electronic calculator, a hand-held personal computer and a pocket-sized television set. Largely self-taught, he formed the Sinclair Radionics company in 1972 and produced some of the first multifunction electronic calculators and digital watches. This company failed in 1979, Sinclair founded Sinclair Research Ltd., which produced the phenomenally successful ZX 80 computer. The computer was eventually produced at a rate of 10,000 a month. His work on a miniature television set included the development of a flattened picture tube. He invented the C5 a electric powered, partly pedal driven three wheel automobile(?). It was his first invention to fail commercially. Sir Clive also invented the Zike an electric aided bicycle.

Here is a chronology of his life.

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