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Hereditary Chief, Clan Sinclair

The Hereditary Chief of Clan Sinclair is
The Right Honorable Malcolm Sinclair,
Earl of Caithness
Chief Chief, daughter, and son

Another year draws to its close

From: Malcolm Caithness
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 14:19:35 -0000

Dear all

Another year draws to its close but what a year it has been for the clan [Australia] culminating in the great news from Australia. When I read the papers or watch television I cannot but think just how priviledged we all are compared to so many. On top of that we have the clan which has been a great source of strenght to many of us this year and I am sure that next year it will bring more of the same as well as a lot of fun for all.

I hope you all, wherever you are, have a very Happy Christmas which for me also starts the New Millennium and a wonderful New Year. May it be peaceful, happy and properous.

Malcolm Caithness
Clan Chief

[Sinclair Lineage] [Caithness] He is also Chief Executive of the Clan Sinclair Trust. See also the Clan Sinclair U.S.A. page about the chief. For more about the chief as Earl of Caithness, see Ian Sinclair's summary of Sinclair history and future. For Caithness itself, see its page.

``The Right Honorable Malcolm Sinclair, Earl of [Prince Henry Sinclair] [Roslin Castle] Caithness, is a remarkable man, having genealogical ties to Prince Henry Sinclair (Jarl of Orkney), the ancient Earls of Rosslyn, the Dukes of [Orkney] [historical Normandy] and back to the Vikings. Today he serves in the House of Lords in London. Clan Sinclair recognizes him as its Hereditary Clan Chief.

``In 1984 Mrs. Thatcher invited him to join her reforming government. Starting as a Whip, Lord Caithness progressed to be Minister in the Departments of Transport, Home Office, Environment, Treasury, and Foreign Affairs. The Earl of Caithness is the only hereditary peer this century to have worked in three great Departments of State. In Treasury, he also served as Paymaster General. He was created a Privy Councillor in 1990.

``He considers it a great honor to have been appointed as a Trustee of The Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust, thus restoring the family link with Caithness.''

—Pete Cummings, 600th Celebration News.

Malcolm Caithness?

From: Spirit One Email
Date: Thursday, April 15,
   1999 12:08 AM


More questions about names.

It was just recently that I noticed Malcolm's last name was Caithness. I guess that is pretty unobservant. So I know the area named Caithness. Is this the shortened version of Malcolm of Caithness? If so, is his name legally Caithness?

From: Rory Sinclair
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 20:25:03 -0400

Dear Laurel:

Not sure if this got answered but I will answer it now anyway. I have just returned from Scotland where I talked with our Chief and this is how it works. Malcolms family name is Sinclair but when you have a title, you sometimes drop the family name as it is understood by all exactly what that is and the land title is substituted. John Sinclair who is Viscount Thurso, is always called John Thurso by people in Caithness and the Lords. Peter St. Clair Erskine is the Earl of Rosslyn and he is called Peter Rosslyn. Often when people with titles sign their names, they use only the place-name "Thurso" or "Caithness". The usage of titles and proper names is a very highly developed art and is subject to the most minute rules of protocol. This is just one of them. Our Chief is very excited about the 2000 Gathering next year and he and John Thurso and Peter Rosslyn are all involved.

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