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Ward Ginn's picture of the stained angel of Rosslyn Chapel
William Stuart Buehler's annotations of the crypt angel of Rosslyn Chapel
William Stuart Buehler's second annotations of the crypt angel of Rosslyn Chapel


This set of web pages is a place to put information about mysticism and religious speculation about Sinclair history and genealogy. Opinions from many different people are represented here, and I do not confirm, deny, attest, or refute any of them, except where I explicitly say so. —jsq

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annotated picture

The Crypt Angel of Rosslyn Chapel

CRYPT ANGEL: Part 1. (Commentary divided for ease in email application.)

From: "William Stuart Buehler" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 20:43:13 -0600

Ward Ginn's picture of the stained angel of Rosslyn Chapel FOR THE Bcc addees: is the address for the associated graphics [Ward Ginn's original picture].


This is an evaluation of a physical event but using spiritual dynamics to explain it. To bypass the extensive notes on these dynamics go to Part 3, last part: SUMMARY INTERPRETATION. I've tried to word this for persons who have not had training in non physical frames of reference.

[Rosslyn Chapel]


Niven asked me to evaluate a photo of the angel in the Rosslyn Chapel crypt that has a peculiar water stain on its right side. It is positioned opposite a carving of Peter holding a key. Both are located at doorways. Peter appears to have eye contact with the Angel. The stain-blood aspect has only now been noticed by persons very familiar with the Chapel. The photo by Ward Ginn was taken 6 months ago. It also appears that the statue of Kaffa (Peter) is a part of whatever might be occurring according to Niven. I completely agree and have added that to the commentary.

There are a few curious aspects to it: the carving is painted which is not the customary mode, the stains have only relatively recently been noticed (photographed by Ward Ginn last February) and now surfaced into general questioning, and the stain seems to correlate with the right forehead wound in the Apprentice myth. To me, there are immediate flags, bells and flashing lights. This occurs in the most important room of the most critical building controlling the most relevant grid system driving the largest and most powerful planetary system designed for what's happening now in this most vital and unique time in human history! You betcha it needs to be looked at! I can't do it justice but I can try.


As a minister it is in my job-description to do my best to explain profound mysteries that defy explanation in their depth and impact at many levels. Those deep dynamics are what we are only beginning to touch into here, even so, I am going more deeply than people will generally be used to. I am introducing some bits of information in this that are completely out of context with the general public and not many mystics know of it either but they will understand the terms. However I believe that the importance of this effort justifies a more complete disclosure. There are things here that will disturb a number of citizens, if they believed it, but I am not preaching doom; rather, this is a very optimistic and upbeat batch of ideas however disturbing to some.

I hold each person's faith as something sacred, not to be challenged. I am not pushing one, or any religion although I am attempting to interpret ideas that may have been held by Sinclair Templars. These are Judeo Christian. I reaffirm that these comments are generally my own views. I am not trying to draw from, or support any published work beyond some key concepts published by the Church of the Johannine Grove. My commentary does not imply that the Johgrove church would agree with anything I'm making of their basic information. Any separate inquiries to them can be made to their address: I am not in that organization so please consider dealing with me directly concerning this commentary.

I follow the "Mystic" Christ. Mystics are people who have experienced ultra/meta-physical events and believe that there are answers and reasons for the phenomena. We all learn to do our own thinking: the issues are too important: life, death, destiny... what is really going on and what is to be done with it. I have witnessed levitation, reincarnation events, time anomalies and other "miraculous" situations. I'm above average in clairsentience but not "psychic." Just like most people.

I greatly honor Clan Sinclair and have spent several years in trying to feel the Spirit of the Clan through the study of the messages in stone and the land itself where humans have interacted with it by leaving long living artifacts. These messages may be more difficult to comprehend accurately but if they are based on an assumed initially viable understanding of very long range spiritual programs, then we can break the codes if we also can understand the same basic "truths." The idea of reincarnation and also teaming with angelic and hierarchical agencies makes this kind of thing feasible. Otherwise I wouldn't bother with it myself.

I am saying that "history" may be interesting but what use is it unless the messages can be applied pragmatically in on-going programs extending over centuries or millennia in some cases? My view is that Clan Sinclair is a specialized "task group" of many such groups all having specific responsibilities in the very long scheme of spiritual evolution. Associated ideas, in that kind of context, can be quite upsetting to many people. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything; I am only trying to figure it out for myself, and at Niven's request, and share the ideas with any who might be interested.

I'm approaching these large events simply although it won't look like it. If anyone wishes to inquire about some of these things more deeply and exchange ideas I'd be pleased to try and answer honest questions but I'm not going to get into theological arguments. Trying to jamb these vast concepts into a few pages has never satisfied anyone, ever, so just consider this as an overview. The SUMMARY is at the end in Part 3; you might wish to skip the verbiage and fast forward to that.



Mystics look for "signs." Sometimes signs of divine action come as comets and great events however they are more often found as simple flashes in nature, like this one. If the event is a valid sign, not just a twitch in Nature, then it has to be evaluated as to its source: is it due to divine agencies or to those in opposition or simply mundane agencies. There are a number of ways to judge valid divine origination: (1) inclusion of all 3 realms: elemental (Nature), human, angelic; (2) complex archetypal formats with subtle cues all in resonance with divine harmonics in multi dimensions and continua; (3) direct application to cosmic, all level events, ie, "is it timely?"; (4) does it "feel" right in a gnostic or "knowing" via the heart? Now in this critical and unique transformational phase of evolution there is another essential question: "Is this event 'Metatronic' (new continuum) or is it still locked into the old continuum dynamics? (This is well beyond the popular "new age" scenario.)


I have not viewed these precise conditions within the time under view. I don't know the precise location of the two pieces in the crypt although Ward remembers them by the two doors. I'd need that to place them in the larger sacred geometry of the Chapel, thus arrive at an estimate of their energetic and consciousness functions within the whole fabric. In addition to that I'd need good face-on reproductions to check their individual geometric formats to add to the rest of the symbolism. The angel photo is good enough. Ideally, after all that, then a really complete survey would have us run an energetic grid (dowsing) of the place and how they fit. All I can do here is provide the most general off-the-wall interpretation.


I have a very strong feeling of a very strong flow of cause and effect based on the physical signs. There is the stain itself and the fact that Ward linked with other persons "spontaneously" while taking the photo. He reports: "Initially, I was in the sacristy (crypt), alone, a couple of minutes or so. I was then joined by John Millar, President of the Sauniere Society, Henry Lincoln, co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Penny White White and Tom Graham, members of the Sauniere Society." This is a remarkable indicator of divine flow. Henry Lincoln has remarkable resonance with the planetary and European grids. The Sauniere Society is directly linked with the most recent major events in the area of Rennes le Chateau. That area is a direct polar complement to Rosslyn within a vast TIME GATE GRID spanning Europe. Two priests of that area were major players in upgrading the Reshel grids in the area. One of the priests, now reincarnated ...Fr. Henri Boudet of that time... working with Sauniere (inner planes), again upgraded the Reshel system there about 12 years ago as a joint project with agencies under the authority of the Archangel Michael Mandate.

The same person was also in the same project (different group) assisting in installing a major Christic indwelling) ground located within the crypt at Rosslyn a year ago, about 5 months prior to Ward's visit. That upgrade was probably the most significant in Rosslyn's spiritual history! I was a witness to it. My point is this: other than the significant synchronicity, the nature of the stains' design and its timing, as well as the greater context, has driven me to my maximum resources in knowledge to be able to do this paper. This water-blood stain is perhaps one of the most important single "signs" I've encountered in my 27 years on the mystic-path. It falls within the core of the "Sinclair Charge." Although there are the strongest connections to the essential nature of this fallen continuum, regarding "absolution, resolution, evolution" it is within an overall Metatronic format directly connected into the geometric fabric of the Chapel and of the larger "Edinburgh Matrix" in which Rosslyn is the control vehicle.


This connects with the Templars' primary objectives. The scenario reaches back to the beginnings of humanity however the strongest chain of events began about 12,000 years ago when the Atlan priests of the Holy Isle of Ruta, (posit. 29N, 49W in the Faraday Seamounts) responding to the "5th World Prophecies" (Kosovo triggered these), installed a vast and complex grid system in the present Americas and Europe. The format, called the "Reshel" (Chief Head Stone of God), is the same we now find not just in Europe and GB but also as the basic geometry for the Edinburgh Matrix (28 miles in diameter) and in Rosslyn. St. Columba had this technology prior to the Sinclair Templars. The purpose of this grid was to facilitate the evolution of the 3 realms with a strong Christic and Metatronic vector, and then to function as the main mechanism in actually making the transition into the continuum (Ranna Time Wave) from which we originally fell. That has started; frequencies are raising daily with attendant burning of the dross in the Racial Mind, et al. The Reshel grids are coming back online and the Crypt Angel event is a small but important cog in the larger wheel.

Efficient "time gates" (Ps 118:19-23) have been required throughout the distant past. Time is fluid, it changes. "History" changes although this dynamic effect is rarely witnessed due to the nature of the Racial Mind. But it has been experienced and is well known. These gates, into the Ranna Wave and beyond, NOT just within this fallen time flow, are holy and kept in sacred temples in Nature ("Groves") or human sites (Chartres, Rosslyn, Stonehenge, Montserrat basilica, etc.. Proper temples are a combination, the Nature (Sidhe, Tuatha de Dannen) component relates to the Magnetic Field. Rosslyn's is the Templar Grove on the axis to the site at Temple. The Rosslyn crypt is the key Christic operative gate that triggers all the rest in the Chapel. Thus the importance of the "door" symbolism. Another gate symbol in Hebrew (Templar's code language) is in the word "abara" meaning "wing, pinion, bird, crossing over place, conjunction." Some readers will connect the "Wingmakers" all-time project with this. The symbol is vital in interpreting the Angel's wing and its geometry. The Gates provide for more accurate and detailed information exchange as well as inter-continua travel under more intricate procedures.


This analysis will refer to "chakras" (wheels), sometimes called gates in scripture. I need to explain what a chakra is. These are energy vortices in the human's system of light bodies. They organize both energy and consciousness within the several fields much like an unseen nervous system. The endocrine system is most sensitive to the etheric actions of the chakric vortices. They appear as spinning wheels about the size of an orange in the average person. They also act as sensors as well as processors. This system must be understood for any analytic work in scripture or anything else. Grids, temples, scriptural sequences ...effectively all complete forms have a chakric system of sorts. Many psychological, as well as physical, problems are resulting from endocrine imbalance and meridian blockage which are generally the result of chakric malfunction. Drugs, loud noise, heavy emotional shock, heavy dissonant programming (TV) can misalign and blow chakras. The Chapel's "stations" are chakra vortices and the activation of them is accomplished by correct harmonic action at those stations.


I am recognizing the stain as representing a symbolic, and spiritually viable in the total field of the Chapel, transformation of water and wine/blood into a synergic unity. My basis is that it carries a message of the highest order and also correlates with the very complex geometry of the Angel. The cosmology requires a comment about how signs such as the stain evolve.

Elementals, or "devic" agencies tend to conform to energy and consciousness demands. Humans generate very powerful mental matrices but so do the larger and higher devic entities: Sidhe (pronounced "shee") and the combined Sidhe and Human as the "Tuatha de Dannen" are probably most potent. If we were to create a strong and focused energy vortex (ie a temple) and then program it with specific missions, include a system for sustaining the charge both in energy and consciousness, then Nature would respond. Underground water: streams and pools would divert and collect under the vortex, trees would be affected more rapidly (their being more responsive), fire and lightning would accelerate the process through an integration process, hills and stones, then mountains would start to conform to the demand. All would interact and harmonic patterns would develop.

This effect can be quickly experienced in the "Green Man" effect. If a human will gaze at a more powerful group of trees or one tree the person will see a face in the foliage (or clouds, or embers). This is the elemental responding and the human combining with the elemental will create a joint thought form. The "decapitated head" or "Resh" in Hebrew is the stronger common archetype as is used as the best description of synergic unity. The whole planet can be viewed as a head. The water-blood staining is an example of the Green Man effect but at the highest level!
Insert Note: An amazing example of this principle on a huge scale is the famous "Head" of Holy Island (Angelsey), about 22 miles across. It shows a chin with beard, open mouth, nose, helmet with ureaus device. Further it has an extended arm with an open hand, thumb down. Its heart is Mt. Snowdon. Moreover its geometry and position in the larger complex geometry of GB and Europe is exact. It links directly with Fortingall, the Edinburgh Matrix and Glastonbury. It carries the same grail vesica found in the Sinclair Engrailed Cross stretched across Cardigan Bay. As an island it also satisfies the decapitated head archetype.

Further, in discussing the relevance to Rosslyn, this Chapel's main mission is to facilitate the union of Elemental and Human in the higher levels of spirit so the energetics of this mission will more quickly manifest effects in that area than will temples with other missions.


Although I am not stressing this dynamic it is vital to the understanding of the specific meaning of the divisions in the water-blood stream on the Angel. I am seeing the stain as representing the actual genetic and paragenetic "blood" line for Clan Sinclair and Clan Fingal. These divisions, as blood codes, carry the "Sinclair Charge" in the stream that splits at the shoulder while the 1st split even with the Ear relates to the Clan Fingal. The codes are those of the Christic mysteries directly transmitted by Yeshua into the composite souls of Jachannen (John), Nathaniel bar Tholmi (Bartholomew or Nathaniel) ...the 2nd split stream, and in Kaffa (Peter) as the 1st branch at the ear level. This "charge" is called the "Olgive" (mentioned later).

Some readers will not understand reincarnation or be familiar with the dynamics of the soul's levels, various light bodies, evolutionary options under Grace, or related events while incarnated. For those folk most of this commentary will be deeply weird. I only wish to make one large point now. There's enough detail in this commentary to probably influence opinion to some degree ..."hey, there may be something here beyond all the strange stuff!" and the above Olgive information might be taken wrongly, making Sinclairs out to be an elitist outfit. It is true that the Olgive empowerment is extremely important and is very unusual however all persons and soul orders (tribes) are vital within the whole. We're all specialists with associated skills in everything, all races. The ship's Captain isn't anymore important than the boilertender that's making the thing go. We've all been there, done that.


This section on Archetypes tends to be tedious. The reader may wish to skip to the next most important section: THE ANGEL INTERPRETED.


This will be amplified below. The broad view is this: Rosslyn is a "Time Temple" that works with others in a very large grid structure. Sintra, Portugal, and Rennes le Chateau (matrix), France, are the two major poles of the many. The "Head Stone that becomes the Corner" or "L" is a subsystem of the more complete golden ratio rhombus format (found in the Sinclair Shield). The crypt and adjoining small room (sacristy), beginning at the Apprentice Pillar above, form the main golden ratio L used to activate the Chapel. The Angel is the effective "door keeper" at the entrance to the lower level; Peter (named Kaffa by Yeshua) is at the other (side) door, Ward remembers. Kaffa holds the KEY to the collective door system.

The geometry of the Reshel system has several major subsystems in it: Great Pyramid, Tetrahedrons, golden ratio rhombuses, Bethlehem Angle triangles (Grail core dynamic), divine life support systems. The "geometry" means that the primary thought form matrix being used is described by the geometric pure symbol or schematic. The matrix is complex beyond understanding: it spins, rotates, duplicates, phases with something called the "Flashing Universe" and appears to be the primary of all forms that can synergically process Christic and Metatronic dynamics. ("Metatron" is the highest archangel.)


This subject is extensive so I will focus on the bleeding from the head wound, right side. I prefer to take a comparatively fresh view and will not use Masonic or other established symbolism ...I'm not a Mason so I will not be giving away any secrets; I don't know any. I will also focus on Rosslyn.

There are three relevant water-blood release dynamics in the Edinburgh area, including the two Rosslyn examples. The three are:
  1. ANGEL: The preceding message exchange has described the angel with the bleeding wound. This is repeated here as background:
    "Niven, thank you for your message. You made an interesting comment when you said that the stain appeared to trickle down her face as far as her neck. The photo Bryan prepared shows two flow patterns; the one you mention which stops at her neck and the second which flows down the inside of the angel's hair and divides at the right shoulder into two streams which appear to stop or "flow under" the engrailed Sinclair cross."
    The stream starts in the corbel above the angel. This is part of the event. The main stream splits about even with the ear, moves under the chin and then comes down to the middle of the cross in the shield. The main stream then splits again at about the shoulder level and the two streams go under the shield at is right upper edge. The first branch at the ear, then the two equal branches together are important to remember.

  2. APPRENTICE: Everyone knows of the Master Mason who struck his apprentice with a maul in the right forehead, killing him. Ostensibly the Master killed the apprentice who had outdone him by carving the "Apprentice Pillar" (as it is presently called). This Pillar is on the right side of the Lady Chapel while the Mason's Pillar is on the left. There is a third, middle pillar between. There are a number of ways to view this bit of symbolism; I intend to do my own. The story is so preposterous that we can assume it is a mystery writing and go for it.

  3. More complicated is the "Edinburgh Matrix" (EM) which is a 28 mile diameter grid format including Edinburgh. Holyrood Sanctuary generates the grid and Rosslyn Chapel is the "Resh" or "Chief Head Stone" which is effectively the control position (female or "Shekinah" polarity) for the large energetic grid. This EM grid, called here the "Reshel", is the same used to design Rosslyn and other notable temples including Chartres, Stonehenge. If we superimpose a human figure over the EM grid, say the crucified Christ, the heart-reins area is over the Holyrood Sanctuary. There is a ley/grid line that goes through Holyrood between Holy Island (Lindisfarne: St. Columba's monastery) and the triunity of Iona and Staffa Islands and the Clan MacLean Duart castle on Mull. Call this line the "Spear of Longinus." The energetic effect on Racial Consciousness ("Collective Unconscious") is to (1) process sacrifice, resurrection, redemption, and (2) release divine Blood and Living Water energies into the Earths' Reshel grids via the local matrix pivoted by Arthur's Seat, the major mountain in that area.

    The EM processes this in complementing the Grail functions of Glastonbury Tor and its surrounding Sun Temple and Zodiacal field as earth grids. The Blood and Living Water carries the action for this large composite European grid into the earth at Arthur's Seat and can be called the "product" or resultant vector for the whole area and European Grail grids. As the grid's "Resh" or Christic Head Stone (...Ps. 118:19-23 applies), Rosslyn carries the resonant harmonic regarding the Blood. Simply put: divine life support and renewal is flowing into the Planet via the Holyrood area and organized by the large grid network including Rosslyn as the chief of numerous control positions. The Sinclairs are or were in most of those positions, or persons carrying the "Sinclair Charge" soul wise (ie "paragenetic" Sinclairs).


  1. CAIN AND ABEL: One example of the "two brothers" symbolism. Cain killed Abel so that the "Abel-blood" could infuse and revitalize the earth. (That's the bottom line to a huge study.) The "Abel" was substituted by Seth in making this transformation. So the two brothers symbol continued. There are 3 versions of the word "chen" in Genesis, the 3 functions of creation: Grace (Initiate) corresponding to the God-abiding-within (Enoch or "Chen-owk"), the Pillar connective, and the form or foundation (vineyard correlating with blood through the wine symbolism). Cain is the version connected with the pillar or tube connective function. This relates to the function of getting the blood from "there to here." The metaphysics of this becomes very complex.

  2. RED (BLOOD) AND WHITE PATHS: This fallen continuum develops the Red or Blood Path. This is one of error, redemption (blood sacrifice was the old format), and resurrection. There are many correlations: sacrifice of the holy bull Apis (also the Golden Bee as Apis), also used in the Mithric mysteries. The main archetype is the Lame King: broken, dismembered, etc.. The White Path is one not defiled. The Messianic, Christic Advent appears to be the mechanism for synchronizing the two. This occurred by the soul merging and downloading of two souls: "Solomon" and "Nathan" souls. Solomon was of the Red and Blood Path while the Nathan soul was of the White and completely unaware of this continuum. This Soul was "indoctrinated" by the innerplanes Academy of Christ at Fortingall ...took 1000 of our years. Fortingall links into the EM on a Bethlehem Angle into the EM center at the Mt. Lothian Chapel (ruin) south of Rosslyn. (This grid is designed into the Henry Sinclair Shamir Arms.) The Solomon "brother" soul ascended and the Nathan soul hosted the Archangel Arhiel, the Christos. To shorten this story, it appears that the apostolic "brother" parallel became Johannine (John) and Nathaniel bar Tholmi (Bartholomew). Yeshu passed on the Christic mysteries to these two as the matrix called the "Olgive" which surface many centuries later in Clan Sinclair. One other disciple also received the Red Path part of the Olgive: Kaffa (Peter). This line surfaced in Clan Fingal, mistakenly not recognized by the Templars. Still, Petros or "Kaffa" has his most holy place in the crypt.

  3. ANCIENT SACRIFICE: At one time the kingdom's ruler was sacrificed after a designated period ...the blood flowing into the land thus renewing the vital force of the kingdom and cycling it into its next position in its destiny spiral. The monarch signed up knowing this; it was an honor. Then with the Advent of the Christos this sacrifice no longer became necessary, we are now under Grace and the land and collective racial soul can be renewed through a higher and more accurate dynamic. The old blood sacrifice was a low, earth connected playing out of higher corresponding formats. Suppose, for example, that Lucifer "volunteered" to fall, thus creating a new (albeit fallen) continuum. This is dangerously oversimplified but it might perhaps illustrate the principle that ripples down in more accurate harmonics. The redemption of Lucifer and his fallen angels ("Nephilim") has always been a primary objective, of several, known to the Templars as the more recent group deeply involved.

  4. BLOOD: In an illumined human the chakric system... a system of energy and consciousness management integrating the persons' light bodies... becomes one matrix using the circulatory system as its main physical mechanism. The heart, physical and chakra, becomes the spiritual center governing the whole living matrix. This applies to all systems: cities, mountain ranges, galactic fields, business corporations, programs. A "Grove of trees" is an example of a heart system often used, the central Tree being the heart of the heart. There is much in this that will explain Rosslyn's position and organization ...another long story.

    The blood will carry codes not only in the DNA format, which by the way is expanding into a 12/13 strand molecule, there are other multi dimensional codes "reservoired" in the blood and distributed to the whole system. Its an internet system of sorts, as the Vine is in the Chapel: the "Branch of the True Vine" ...same parallel. Thus, the blood is a personalized coding of manifested life force but containing many codes well beyond the physical range of dimensions. There is a "fallen" half light form of blood we use now but there is also a full light, vital or living blood common to agencies in the real continua, to which we are now returning. One person's blood is NOT the same as another's. This is NOT an argument for bigots or elitists! We are all specialists with our own unique destinies. That applies to tribes, families, clans, angelic orders, et al.

  5. WATER AND THE SHIELD SYMBOLISM: There are huge scenarios in baptism by water and fire (higher codes), changing water to wine thus to blood ... Yeshu comes by water and blood... but I will focus on our situation here.

    Water does for a "reality frame" the same as blood does for a human. A reality frame can be called a time continuum. Sinclair symbolism in the "Lyn, lin, linne" gets into water connections along with the "Lion, Line of 12, brood hen, etc." meanings. The "ros" or rose connects with the Grail "of the Heart" and thus picks up the blood links again along with others. The rose is usually the male grail and the lily is the female grail, representing the red and white paths but these distinctions are again too complex for further comment. However, the "rose" relating to blood, and "lin" relating to water is a form of combining the two and is important in the Sinclair connection to Holyrood and Arthur's Seat.
(SIDE COMMENT: There are two bodies of water in Holyrood. These are storing major codes processing through this energy system, the EM. Arthur's Seat represents the holy stone/throne of coronation. The Stone contains all the codes of the kingdom and the ruler is engrammed with those codes by the priest doing the coronation. If the kingdom is sick, so is the ruler. In the old days this Stone was also the "Seat of Sacrifice" but now Arthur's Seat, by Grace, downloads the blood and water codes as light formats. These are stored in the water there. The best example of this I've seen, connected with Rosslyn, is the stone throne and pool at Rennes Les Bains in the Rennes le Chateau matrix in southern France ...this is the opposite time gate control complementing Rosslyn and the EM.)

[Shield] If we move our awareness out of its time entrapment we see this continuum usually as a flat plane resembling silver blue ripples on water, like moon light. There can also be other colors and sun-glint, but the basic is blue-silver. We are seeing life and wisdom (Sophia) in a field of Grace sustained by the black, void of the Unmanifest God. THIS IS THE SINCLAIR SHIELD! The blue-silver is a female field which triggers into the "Mari" as both the Mother and Migdalene. "Mar" in Latin means "sea." In Hebrew it is a two sided mirror which is a very exact model for a time continuum. Moving down that path would involve explanations of the two women: Isis and Nephtys, Mother and Bride or two sisters (Martha-Mari) ...but this is not the subject here. If I were commenting on the Chapel's Mari-Pillar related to the other pillars, the Lady Chapel and altar (the main altar) I would have to go into the Mari dynamics. Here I am connecting that study with the nature of water as a model for a time continuum. This connection is needed because the Angel holds the engrailed cross on its shield and that will have to be put in context.

The black of the engrailed cross is the absolute reality of the Unmanifest God beyond light and names and all phenomena at all levels. This is essential to understanding all spiritual systems including Judeo Christian. The black cross, with its three axes, is describing creation of a time continuum but one that is "real", that is, beyond this fallen reality. The engrailed "scallops" or vesicas would use a Bethlehem Angle (26 deg 18 min) correlated with Grail core geometry used in all the Reshel grids including that in Rosslyn, the EM, and all of Europe and GB. This is a complex science of light and consciousness. Each scallop or vesica arc is a Reshel system that is initiating creation sequence with a Grail dynamic. The implications in this are staggering, particularly in defining Sinclair symbolism: ie, function. These are the essential codes that are being programmed into the new time continuum, converting the old, creating a Grail consciousness continuum. This continuum is our water connection. Water actually holds the codes when it is programmed. A continuum is mostly defined by the Racial and Gaia Mind(s) as a common agreement. The ultimate ...Yahway Elohim... can be called the "divine harmonic of universal accord." So, with blood we have an individualized set of codes and with water these codes are somewhat modified to accommodate a whole unity of individuals but those that are in resonance with Truth. That is "living" water. Dead waters are the false reality frames.

By combining the blood and water into one system we are describing a synergic unity of individuals but all in concert. A "Marriage in Cana" scenario that applies in this Chapel situation but is too large for this paper. I will comment on the event where it appears at Rennes le Chateau, Rosslyn's counterpart in the vast L-Gate European grid. This is the "Magdalene Chapel" next to the Magdalene Tower. The font on entering the Chapel is the most complex font ever devised, another large discourse. I'll only note the water-wine/blood part. There is a Luciferic statue below 4 angels, below a sun-wheel. The center of this "Pillar" like a totem pole... is a red dot with "BS" in it. This is Hebrew for "shab" which means "to draw water." Read the wrong way as bosh it means filth. Directly below the dot is a large vintner's basket containing the blessed "living" water used on entering. The Luciferic figure supports this basket. Fathers Boudet and Sauniere designed this pillar, not at popular with the Pope.

The idea is that, to activate the person and system, the water combined with the vineyard and wine format must be alchemically changed by the person in unity with nature into the Christic blood essence and then used to empower the persons' chakras. Those familiar with the place will recall the admonition: "By this sign you will conquer" which the 4 angels are making ...thought to be the Cross, but is actually two Hebrew letters in the old protosiniatic system of writing in glyphs. This same thing is occurring at Rosslyn but at this point is too complicated for further comment. I'm only identifying the example as related to Rosslyn. This is also emphasized in that there were several members of the Sauriere Society present when Ward took the photo.

(End of Part 1, this section continued in Part 2.)

Part 2 continues the preliminary comments. Part 3 is the Summary.)

From: "William Stuart Buehler" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 20:43:41 -0600


I am inserting these to better understand the matter. We are attempting to understand what connection the two carvings can have with each other and the symbolism of them both in that context. We have Peter on one side of the Crypt holding a key and facing, with eye contact, the angel holding the engrailed Sinclair cross, with two streams of blood, one stream dividing and flowing into the shield.

More importantly, this matter of only recently noticing the blood carved into the Angel is very important and apt to be missed by casual or uninformed dismissal. Niven has nailed it here, "spot on", and I intend to expand on that theme.

In a message dated 8/3/1999 12:34:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
"Yes, I did check out the angel holding the engrailed cross of the Sinclairs when I was at Rosslyn last week and, Niven: Can you put out any more information on this? The note on the Sinclair net has everyone caught by surprise. When did this start? Who first noted? Information please. Gary D. Sinclair

Dear Gary, I'm sure Ward Ginn will be good enough to put his photograph of the Sinclair angel on the Sinclair discussion list so that all Sinclairs and paragenetic Sinclairs can share his astonishing 'discovery'. Judy Fisken, who was Curator of the Chapel for 15 years, tells me that the 'blood' is fresh because she had never noticed it during her long years at the Chapel when she showed numerous people around the Chapel. This may be (as I postulated in an earlier e-mail) a case of us not noticing the hole in the carpet because of our familiarity with the Chapel or it may be that it is just stone staining but, if so, why the right forehead which, of course, has Masonic significance?

Again St Peter (with his piercing eyes) is looking directly at the angel from his site on the opposite wall of the crypt. Perhaps, Ward would also produce the photograph of St Peter with his single key (rather than the more usual bunch) and with his penetrating stare which , as I have said, is directed straight at the angel with the Sinclair engrailed cross on a shield in her hands. Why have we not noticed this before? The 'blood', the direction of the stare, the juxtaposition of the two statues? Does this also point to the relevance of the engrailed cross in the Sinclair armoury; the importance of Rosslyn as a sacred centre; and the urgent need for Man to take a look at the direction in which he is heading?

Is the time ripe for an important revelation at this critical time in the history of the World when we are experiencing momentous shifts in global energy patterns and in Man's growing understanding of his spiritual dimension?

If this is too far out for most people, might I suggest a quiet moment of reflection and it will become clear.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience" This is a far cry from any religious dogma which, in the main, has stultified human growth for centuries. Earl William Sinclair knew this so, at a time when books were being banned or burned, he left his message chiseled out in stone in a Chapel which stands on a sacred site.
Niven Sinclair


Nivens' remarks are the most concise, clearest, most inspiring that I have seen yet in one small package relating to Clan Sinclair. It remains for us to first recognize that there IS a message relevant for us, then to figure it out, and then to evaluate what to do with the information (if anything). First we must understand the larger picture.


Again a huge subject and the need to focus. The EM grid and that of the Chapel are the same: the "Reshel" or "Chief Head Stone of God." The EM has a large "L" format from St. Columba's Island/Abbey in the Firth, to Black Hill (Sinclair tower) to Rosslyn. This subsystem is also a time gate along with other vital functions. Psalm 118: 19-23 speaks of the Head Stone that is the Corner ("L") and the "gates of righteousness" along with the "gate of the Lord." These are real gates in a real system although the system is not one of this fallen (and temporary) time continuum. The L systems are also in the Chapel. The system is divided in halves: the Christos and Shekinah (female, bride). The upper Chapel contains the more difficult female system in its clearing and activation. When this is managed, the Christos system, most of which is not in the building at all, cuts in and we have the Mystic Marriage of both centered by the main altar which is the Lady Chapel's central altar. The present main altar is important in the initial activation of the Shekinah half and in performing projects however the Primary altar is that in the Lady Chapel.

The lower crypt is the L format in the Christos system. There are two poles in that system that are within the structure: the altar in the crypt, that activates one of the two L gates in that system, and the one in the small sacristy room adjacent. This is the room having the main "Head Stone" or Resh pole in the Christos system. This completely ignored altar of the Christ unifies the "Gates of Righteousness" of the Christ. It is significant that physical humans can only interface in these two points. Both alters must be activated and the men and women operators MUST be of the Christ Consciousness and clarity. This is a fail-safe provision. The Chapel WILL NOT ACTIVATE unless the lower crypt, in both stations, are satisfactorily turned on.

The same system is found in the Montserrat basilica in Catalonia, Spain. This is the complementary temple to Rosslyn in the context that the recently upgraded Christic Alpha Pole grounds at Rosslyn in the crypt and the Omega Pole is at Montserrat ...the planetary Indwelling and Updwelling respectively. This upgrade, of a year ago, is important (I believe) in the recent "manifestation" of the angels' streams of blood. More on this later.


The upper chapel contains the Apprentice's head, with its wound, and the Mason's head. The Apprentice's Mother's head also is found. There are many heads or "reshes" in the Chapel, mostly "Green Men." This has to do with the Chapel's function in unifying the devic (elemental) realm with the human. This connects in the role of Kaffa (Peter) as the "Hollow Stone" ...a level of the Resh in the Hebrew alphabet code... where we get into our human relationship in the synergic unity with the elemental realm (Sidhe, Tuatha de Dannen). In the "brood of 12' of Yeshu's, Kaffa's role was the building of form as the temple archetype. In effect he is the Corner or Head Stone (hollow, remember, with the divine Void) of the archetypal temple of 12 functions.

Also recall that Kaffa (Petros) carries one of two charges bestowed by Yeshua as the Olgive (noted above). This is one blood stream in the Angel's head ...ostensibly there are two(?). The other charge in the Olgive has two subfunctions, ie the second flow that splits! The disciples are Johaninne (John) and Nathaniel. My present theory is that the Angel in the lower (higher frequency) Christic crypt is that of the Christ: Arhiel in the archangelic realm. This second stream, of two substreams, is the one that has surfaced in Clan Sinclair, the other is Petrine. This is why the split flow is the life and reality codes into the engrailed Sinclair cross mechanism, actually the key to divine manifestation using the Christic KEYS and CODES the Olgive. This flow provides the causal download while the Petrine flow is the objective, building or left brain function. The Sinclair flow is right brain or causal, subjective function. The Johannine pole is one of Grace, connecting with the Enoch (Chen-owk) dynamics, while the Nathan pole is best described in John 1:45-51. Nathaniel is the connective or pillar function, the ability to transfer the Christ into this realm! "How can anything good come out of Nazareth?" ...Yeshu is too "good" to come out of the place of the Divine Separate but Nathaniel is able to build that bridge. And that is the key to understanding the Sinclairs' function and their temples, towers, places of governing, Christic empowerment, "Sinclair Charge", et al. But this is only possible by joining with the parallel flow of Grace "in the blood."

Returning to the situation of two levels of the Wound. The Blood and Water has to have a mechanism to descend into the earth. The old system of sacrifice is represented by the Master (high self, magna soul) "killing" the low self, the Apprentice. This means that "to die and be reborn" is to incarnate within the fallen continuum and then go through the "absolution, resolution, and evolution" process. This is built into the dynamics of the Bethlehem Angle codes. Another major symbol is the Serpent-Bird Staff of Moses, the Christ, Aesculpius (Greek god of healing), caduceus, feathered serpent, etc.. The Mother is the female equivalent of the Master but her realm is that of the Shekinah and her son (lower soul formats, bodies) must go through the incarnational flail, to "take the wound." Thus, the upper Chapel as far as the main altar (Shekinah Glory Pole) must process this format.

Assuming that is successful, then the lower crypt (Christic system) must activate. The entrance and main station on the stairway is a function of the Mari Pillar acting through the "Apprentice" pillar or Tree of Life, Raa and Tov. This action is very complex, involving the 8-fold Shamir and many other codes. They all will have been mastered before the Crypt's L gate is activated. This "station" is the first flat level going down the stairs. It is also governed by Kaffa (Peter) by the Peter altar above the stairs. By the way, this position in the upper right of the temple is the archetypal position of the Head Stone. Rosslyn uses this pure archetype by placing Kaffa there! By passing competently through this station we are actually "transforming the Head (Resh) as the Corner!" But at the lower frequency in the upper Chapel. We are taking the action to a higher level (lower crypt). Again we find Kaffa, in the lower crypt, and linked with his complement in a dipole set up. The complement to Kaffa is the Christic angel carrying the Olgive charge. BUT this blood is of the higher Christic/ Metatronic frequency. This is critical in its meaning and explains why it is only recognized, or manifested at this time. Remember that Simeon ben Yona has two levels of function. He was named Kaffa by Yeshu when Simeon recognized Yeshu as the Messiah, then when he saw the Messiah in political terms of the fallen realm he was named Satan. This lower role was left behind at the landing station on the stairway. Now in the Crypt, from the landing down we are in the Clan Fingal reality and also in the complementary Sinclair reality. Without these two poles wired into the load there is no action in the Olgive, Christic ballpark. This has to take place in the lower chapel prior to going into the small adjoining Sacristy and the Christic Head Stone (Resh) altar.

Now, collectively, it appears to be happening! By Niven's, and the others' recognizing the angel's blood flow it is signifying that the collective Clan consciousness is boosting into the required range. The increased action in the email discussion line is a needed unifying action. The Alpha Pole was activated, from Mt. Schiehallion and Fortingall, in the crypt last year which has a planetary impact but is spearheaded in the soul level "Sinclair Charge." I suggest to you a difficult thing to understand, although we've seen it to be real, that the initial manifestation of the carved blood only occurred recently in linear time flow. However, since time is a simultaneous event, all occurring at once, that the carving projected back through linear time to become a matter of "recorded history" in the usual understanding of time. Some persons will have a memory of the two conditions but not many. Humanity has "changed its mind" and thus has reformed the whole continuum. However just the mental dimensions will not do this kind of event, it requires the more potent and valid heart and blood related GRACE dynamics to set the action in real terms. Again, this is the focus of Sinclair function.

THE WOUND is found in the head in Rosslyn. Its in the thigh at the other complementary pole at Rennes le Chateau (Note St Roch and the Lucifer figures there). My view is that the two are correspondent but at complementary levels: "above and below." The head connects with the chakric matrix over the head (the corbel over the Angel) and the thigh with the matrix under the feet. These two matrices will be the balance of the 13 Sephiroth in the new Metatronic Tree of Life in the Cabala.

We know more about the thigh wound than the head as far as written word is concerned. The thigh wound is a Merovingian symbol but also an archetype. Revelation 19: 16: "He hath on his thigh a name written, King of Kings and Lord of Lords." The myth is complex including the hiding of the hidden sacred name (keys and codes) in an open thigh, transporting it to another realtiy frame and releasing it. We actually have a large body of knowledge about this "hidden" information in the Reshel systems' codes.

Elizabeth Van Buren (Refuge of the Apocalypse) notes:
"In Greece the Great Bear was sometimes called the 'Thigh of Jupiter', in Greek, 'meros.' ....St. Roch's name speaks of the rock or stone, the precious headstone."
(In Greek "meros" means "thigh.") This connection with Ursa Major is important in its connection with the Heel (Head) Stone. The seven mystery schools of the Grail Kings around Glastonbury used to form the Ursa major grid. All had grail clones specialized to each of their themes. The Tor holds the original Grail. Glastonbury Tor is the complementary pole with the EM and Rosslyn in forming the grail geometry (Bethlehem Angle vesica) found in the Angel's geometry and also in the engrailed cross. The large vesica in GB uses the Anglesey Head (Crux Arvata) as the apex of this vesica's inner triangle. Stonehenge is a supporting primary system in this matrix. The main "Templa Mar" alignments at Stonehenge, also used in Chartres and Rosslyn, has the Heel Stone in the NE. Ursa Major isn't not as much a "bear" as it is a cup or grail emptying three drops over the Heel Stone. The 3 drops have coded aspects however they are held within the basic water-blood matrix.

Also relevant is the Reshel grid which shows da Vinci's spread eagled man in a ring, as part of the European "Titan" grid. The man holds Rosslyn in his left hand, Sintra in the right, Rome at his feet. Rennes le Chateau is in his right thigh, the repository of the Christic mysteries which are held in his two hands and are supporting him at his feet. The Ruta position is over his head in the Essential chakra position (the source of the water leak in the Angel's similar position in the corbel). "La Rochelle" is his "Eden pole" in the center, equivalent to the center of the engrailed cross held by the Angel.

Trying to wade through all the descriptions of the wound and its encoded contents is more than confusing. It is easier and more to the point if we stipulate that the wound involves "working in stone: ie the Resh-El, which involves building both the form and its pillar." This would take a book to explain but it is what is happening at Rosslyn. The Angel's geometry is full of it. Much more critical to this commentary is the stain as water-blood and its configuration. It is identifying the nature of the wounds' codes as the Olgive, Christic mysteries as carried in the soul "blood" codes via John, Nathaniel as a split function, and via Peter as the branch. THIS IS OF THE ESSENCE!


Kaffa is usually holding a bunch of keys to "Heaven and Earth." ...Church's version. Why only one, other than to point out something remarkable? The Chapel Reshel geometry has two gate systems in each of the Reshels' two halves: Christic and Shekinah. There are also two primary systems, one in each half. Then when the "mystic marriage" occurs at the right point, the two primaries becomes one system. Then the "Pillar of the Abode" ie the two Solomon Temple pillars become complete and the system "opens up" and a central pillar is created. These are the systems found in Psalm 118: 19-23.

The activation of the L-Gate formed by the lower crypt, beginning above in the upper chapel about 3 feet in front of the stairway down, is where the human component interacts with the Christic half. If the human operators can not come up to speed and clarity relative to sustaining the Christ-that-abides-within, then nothing happens and the Chapel waits for someone who can. Fail-Safe. Just what is this Christ state that is being required? Its represented by Kaffa and his Key. All the gate systems must be activated or "opened" sequentially and then all must be unified key. This unified system is operated at the Lady Altar in the Lady Chapel above. Above it is the Green Man boss, ie the Sidhe's part of this unity.

Kaffa is one pole complementing the Angel. Both form a creation field between them and both moderate their own gates within the larger gate system. The Angel is the door keeper (conditioner) in the crypt part of the L gate being opened, at the lower door of the stairway. Its codes are describing the state and skill of the operator at that threshold. Kaffa's door opens directly to the outside, sometimes called (I think) the Door of the Cavalier ...the horseman. The Horse (in Hebrew the camel, third letter drawn as an L) symbolism is found in Chess as the Knight's move: an L movement. There is a "beacon" or road maker in inter time lines formed as a Knight chess piece. The Montauk Project people found it so its relatively low in frequency but can open into something higher if used correctly, which they did not. Ostensibly the White Horses in England marked time gate areas. The two brothers on the horse (Templar logo) illustrate the situation here.

There is one part of the operator's being that avoids having to process through the mechanism of the grids. There is a need for the grid, not to condition the operator although that is part of the drill, but rather to activate the grid for a larger application, as a tool or "ship" (Nave), a merkabah unified field. That part of the operator separate from the energetic entwinement comes through the Kaffa door. This is the "God abiding Within" that transcends all phenomena, in Hebrew the "Selah" or suspended nonmoving fulcrum, the silence between musical tones. This is found in Genesis where "Enoch is Ayn (Not)", in addition to two other states of being. Same model. Simeon (the listener...connect with the Angel's ear) got his "Kaffa" name when he recognized the Messiah state in Yeshua. Takes one to know one. The Greeks called him Petros but that was not his name. Kaf in Hebrew means the HOLLOW Stone. The "hollowness" fills the stone and is divine Essence separate from light and names and angels. This is the real and only key! Ironically the orthodox Christian Church denys this emphatically and considers the whole idea Satanic!

The side door marks the most important "station" in the Chapel's sequential activation since at that point the operator must be able to shift into the "Observer State." That is, part of his or her awareness must reside in and as the Unmanifest God, Essence beyond all phenomena. This is the CLARITY of the Sinclair. And there is no other, all other conditions of clarity must have their basis in the Selah state of being. This is the Single Key that opens stone and is expressed as a function of the Shamir. It is essential in the safe and effective operation of the L-gates or "Gates of Righteousness" and "Gate of the Lord." This is Kaffa's charge within the joint creation field with the Angel as well as within Yeshu's "Brood of 12." It is why he was given the key phenomenal job with the Olgive and why his stream starts with the Angel's ear and enters the cross at its center. Note that the stain is quite thin at that point, indicating a weak (albeit present) linkage at the time the photo was taken. Are Sinclairs "listening" (and if so, for what?), and are they "Hollow?" Niven made some very good points in his summary (quoted above). Obviously they are (according to this interpretation), but perhaps not quite enough?


This is relevant to the station at the Kaffa door and also to the major upgrade for Rosslyn and the total planetary grid matrix as a unity. A year ago two poles were installed into the European system: the Alpha Pole at Mt. Schiehallion in Scotland near Fortingall and on the same line into the Edinburgh Matrix. The Omega Pole is in Montserrat basilica in Catalonia, Spain, near Barcelona. The Christic Indwelling goes through the Alpha Pole but there is a second major ground into the grids via Rosslyn Chapel. This etheric rod was installed at the station by the side door. This effectively adjusts the operator to the codes of the Christ's indwelling but well beyond the qualifications of the fallen continuum. The new state brings the Chapel up to its original planned state from 12,000 years ago. This demands a quantum jump in the operator's clarity in terms of sustained "hollowness" and its linked state of Grace. It should not be that different from the same state required in the early operation of the Chapel but it would be much more active rather than latent.

The Omega Pole grounds via Tarragona online from Montserrat. Tarragona is opposite Rosslyn on a large tetrahedron grid already named as part of the Titan Grid. The mid pole between Rome and Sintra is at Tarragona. The major codes are found within the Black Madonna format which includes the golden pinecone symbol. This is a seed format for a grove of trees found in the formula: Ehye Asher Ehye (I Am That I Am), the "asher" being the Grove. It is basically used in the Dionysian system but these are valid Christic keys which also overlap the Elemental, Celtic and Jewish systems. Since this much increased load inserted into the planetary system is polarized, both will manifest in the predominately Alpha pole in the crypt.


The angel is not simply a "decoration"; it is a major energetic node point in the creation field of the Crypt. There are two primary things to consider in judging its validity and function: (1) its geometry: does it express higher harmonics and systems? and (2) the water-blood stream: does it have its own message and does that correlate with the physical installation and also with the functions of the field? I believe the answer is "Yes" to all. My basis for the geometric evaluation is Ward's photo which was taken face-on and normal to the statue within 5 degrees slant relative to the line of sight. So there should be negligible parallax.

My initial assumption regarding the water stain is as stated above: that the stream is a natural angelic, elemental and human energetic forming a response coupled with the highest charge within the Chapel's function related to the Sinclair Olgive charge. It is also responding to the Clan Fingal Charge in the Petrine or Kaffa flow of the same charge. Although this branch appears weak in comparison. In judging the validity of this assumption we will look for connections into the physical form.

In considering the stain we first look at the source. It appears to come from the corbel above the Angel which appears as a triangle. The apex of this triangle or "vortex" is in the Angel's brow chakra (forehead). This is actually in the center of the head but is seen here in the front view. Moreover, the vortex angle is the same as that of the Great Pyramid (51.8 deg). The Great Pyramid is not just a major temple it is also a generator or responder to a cosmic rhythm that appears to support life from divine source. This rhythm is found as the so called circadian rhythm and its encoded in the pyramid's sockets and their dimensions as carved into bedrock. The Pyramid base, here, is the top of the corbel. The whole is focused in the Angel's "Resh" or Head.

The stain coming down the corbel appears as a jagged line (variable according to level) but the mean line appears to approximate the golden ratio as measured between corbel upper corners, seen to be slightly indented. Golden Ratio math (codes) are life supporting. That is they best assimilate and process life energetics from divine Source. Plants automatically conform to the code. The base of the Pyramid, center line, is the Angel's Essential chakra over the head. This primary energy line (center) is complemented by the golden ratio insertion ie the leak. I see the "leak" as representing the main Christic blood path (Red Path) being conditioned by cosmic Templar formats all within the golden ratio codes. They emerge from the pyramidal field (represents a separation from the divine form, emerging into this fallen continuum) and split at the level of the ear thus forming a branch but continuing in a main stream. I am saying that this is the Kaffa (Listener) branch of the Olgive Christos mysteries contained in the water and blood. The continuing dual stream is the other, Sinclair path.

There is one angel that can carry this off as its being interpreted: the Cosmic Christ as the archangel Arhiel. This angel empowered the soul and body of Yeshua. For our purposes I think we should view this angel as the Messiah's "high Self" or magna soul. This is also in keeping with the nature and function of the Christic half of the Reshel now being activated by human operators. The main creation field in this area, then, is being polarized by the Christ and Kaffa as representing this unified action.

The dual "Sinclair" stream energizes the Sinclair shield or "reality frame." This is the basis for Sinclair creation projects and authority to hold the Reshel control positions across Europe ...remembering that all Sinclairs do not have the Sinclair name. If the Angel's left hand represents Kaffa (Fingals) (see below) then the right side opposite the hand is the Sinclair input via the water-blood. (Someone educated in the Coat of Arms protocol might make something more re the quarters.)


First, the fingers in designs must be checked since they usually point to something or mark a point of interest. Four fingers in the Hebrew alphabet are the Kaf (as in Kaffa) glyph so that is one subtle clue that something is being manifested IF we can identify what that is. We can. By linking the forefingers we have a line axis through the center of the cross which makes the critical Bethlehem Angle (26.3 deg) related to grail dynamics. This line is then transferred to the base of the Cross and extended up to the small finger of the left hand. Extending this line to where it crossed the left wing gives us the grail vesica triangles. This is the basic "scallop" or grail indentation in the engrailed cross. (Or should be.) The apex of this grail triangle is in the heart chakra, key to the Grail and the water-blood formats noted above. Actually, this point is a combination of the heart (found at the top of the shield, center line) and the throat chakra: active in defining the soul's persona and creational status and function. This location is where the "Kaffa" stream enters the shield.

The minor axis of the vesica, through the heart-throat point above, is extended to find the center of the circle defined by the arc of the left wing. This center point is in the area of the split in the water-blood path of the Sinclair stream correlating to the Nathaniel and John Olgive charge. Interpreting this: the Sinclair Charge creates the left wing of the Christic angel. Angels don't have wings although they can if we insist on it. We need to look at what the "wing" means. "Abara" in Hebrew means "wing, pinion, bird, crossing over point or conjunction." Further, this wing forms the Grail vesica linking into the shield system and also the Angels' key chakra system, all forming a unified field.

There is a second rhombus shape which includes the "L-Gate" as a subsystem. This is the more complete version of the "L." It is part of the Reshel grid and it also forms pillars. It uses the golden ratio in both its phi (1.618) and phi squared (2.618) modes. The shield is placed in such a way that the bottom of the shield is the lower apex and the brow chakra of the Angel is the upper apex. Thus the higher gnostic ability ...divine intelligence... is directly linked with the Sinclair Shield (reality frame) in a Christic unity. Also included in the shield, in this placement, are the Angels' Root chakra at the Shield's lower point, the "Eden Point" (elevated 2nd chakra) in the shield's center and the heart chakra at the top of the shield.

Since this combination of angelic chakra poles and Sinclair shield is forming the L-Gate system, it is in direct resonance with the same mechanism being activated in and as the lower crypt. The nature of the L-Gate as a process for moving beyond time makes this place and its valid projects timeless. This is a necessary function in working with the evolution of our universe, the redemption of Lucifer, fallen angels, and all involved including all ensouled beings. There are other objectives in working across time but those provide a sense of the extreme importance in being able to carry out accurate and consistent programs involving all realms and dimensions as well as continua.

It is significant that the two water-blood division points in the main stream are both on the rhombus line used in constructing the shield's design. This tells us that this stream, which effectively forms one line of the rhombus (partially) is directly involved with the formation and management of the Gate, Pillars and associated actions.

(End Part 2. The Summary section follows in Part 3.)

Crypt Angel: Part 3 of 3. Wrapping up.

From: "William Stuart Buehler" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 20:43:27 -0600

The SUMMARY INTERPRETATION immediately following is the main, abbreviated evaluation. The SUMMARY, WHAT'S etc. is only a subjective grouping of ideas regarding possible attitude and action. More detailed remarks touched on below are brought up in the first two parts.


It is my view that valid divine action is shown in the stain's:
  1. ...location in the chapel (crypt's function resonant),

  2. ...appearing on the sculptured angel (angel's aspects and function consistent),

  3. ...position within the geometry of the angel (down through corbel, temple to shield),

  4. ...shape (main stream splits in correct manner and places),

  5. ...timing (7 months after Alpha Pole insert; prior to August events).
However this evaluation can only be put in a context with the most profound information I have on Clan Sinclair and Clan Fingal. The basic information is from inner dimensional source whatever term is preferred: "Book of Life", Akashic record, or whatever; there is no physical history of it. Divine "signs" can be identified with the elements:
  1. resonance with divine harmonics (archetypal validity),

  2. interface with physical forms,

  3. subtlety in simplicity but reflecting great complexity,

  4. timing (phasing with temporal realities).
Its manner of manifesting is what I call the "Green Man" effect, that is, Nature will interact with human and angelic Mind and conform to the patterns of the thought form. Things happen fast in Rosslyn due to its returning design capability which includes transcending time limitations.

The sculptured design of the angel shows three major systems in addition to those in the painted design: ie the shield, wings. These systems are found in the geometric cues. They are (1) the Great Pyramid (primary temple, cosmic rhythms in life support and divine intelligence), (2) the Bethlehem Angle vesica (Grail function: absolution, resolution, evolution, life regeneration), and (3) the shield's Golden Ratio rhombus (nexus system of time vectors in the "real" Ranna Wave beyond this fallen continuum). These are all linked with human chakra points as assimilated into the angel.

The angel is one pole in an energy and consciousness field, complemented by the Kaffa (Peter) pole. Both are door keepers. That means that they govern, and imprint, what comes into the field and how the field will behave. The "field" components (codes) are described in the two poles' pure symbols. If the human operators' individual body fields are resonant with the crypt's field, then the Gate (door) opens the Christic system for the Chapel. The female "Shekinah" system is already cleared and activated in the upper Chapel, ie "the bride prepared" and the "guests at the mystic marriage" are vesting in the "seamless wedding garment" by conforming to the field requirements.

The most interesting thing to me: THE STAIN HAS REOPENED THE ORIGINAL SINCLAIR CHARGE within the phenomenal pole (angel) reconciling the Shekinah (upper chapel) with the Christic system accessed via the lower crypt and its sacristy. This "charge" is called the Olgive and represents the Christic mysteries ...that is, what Rosslyn is and does. The formats best describe the Angel's identity as that of archangel Arhiel, that of the cosmic Christ that empowered Yeshua, Messiah. Considering this, correlate the Angel with the Apprentice in the upper Chapel. The Angel effectively "died" in descending into physical body. (Remember these states and levels are relative, not equal, when comparing with the Apprentice.) If the "blow" and "blood" are a creation action of instilling codes with an executive strike (as with hammer, lightning, etc.) ...correlating with the "Thigh Wound" in the lower realm... then the Olgive codes are now physically "struck" (manifested) into incarnated Clan Sinclair and Clan Fingal! That includes paragenetic members carrying the soul charge.

To carry on this study one would develop two aspects: (1) the Johannine (John) and (2) Nathaniel apostolic functions within the temple archetype of 12 functions. Both are the Sinclair empowerment. This should then be viewed as a generating pole with the Kaffa (Petrine) function. Determine the composite effect and function. This interfaces into the shield at its upper edge as the stain connects in specific points. The shield must then be understood in what it represents before trying to merge the Olgive (stain-angel-Kaffa) formats into the shields' functions. This represents the core of Sinclair and Fingal creation process.

There are a number of important factors:
  1. TIMING: This event appears to phase between (1) the most significant upgrade in the planetary grids and the Chapel's existence: the installation in the crypt (at the door station) of the grid-ground of the Christic Alpha Pole from Mt. Schiehallion (on the Bethlehem Angle line) into the Edinburgh Matrix, and (2) the combined major eclipse of August 11 and the following Grand Cross. Kosovo triggered the "5th World Prophecies" which very simply put means that we're transitioning. The eclipse and Grand Cross dynamic is scrubbing vast amounts of accumulated superfluous "files" in the Racial Mind and downloading a complete upgrade into all elemental components and animals. This gets Nature through the transition. This includes humans but humans have the free will to slough it off between now and then. These are the largest events in human history in this fallen continuum. It is my theory that something great has occurred in Rosslyn reflecting the big picture and has set up a matrix for increasingly greater events in a planetary scenario. This assumes that the "blood" pattern means what I think it does.

  2. GRAIL VESICA: The curved wing forms one side of the Grail vesica (same as Sinclair's Engrailed Cross geometry). The "Wingbender" order is a combined angelic and hierarchical organization (probably also generate the "Wingmaker" Project known to some of the readers, which would certainly have used Rosslyn often). The Wingbender order manages the present Christic programs being downloaded. IF this activity is one side of the Sinclair Grail involvement, then the shield as part of the (Christos?) Angel is processing the complementary half. The diagram shows the chakra correlations as well as Clan Fingal's integration with the Sinclairs' central operations.

SUMMARY: "WHAT'S THIS ALL IN AID OF?" (Brit for "So what?")

The following is only a subjective appreciation of indications.

Why is this carving painted and not the rest? We would not have seen the stain as quickly or clearly on stone. Since the stain has appeared physically it indicates that the above process is both timely and possible. These remarks and advice will seem like soap-box preaching but I am trying to shape them in the patterns shown in the angel event.

The above process can be accomplished in instant manifestation or in eons depending on the degree of energy, efficiency of focus, and correct intention resonant with divine harmonics of universal accord ("Elohim"). Another large factor is the "time" environment, that is, is the dimensional matrix fluid in terms of temporal lock on? Rosslyns' harmonics are time sensitive whey they are active. It has "time gates" and the lower crypt is one of these. It often shows in geometry as an "L" shape using the golden ratio. (Chartres' is exactly like Rosslyn's.) The crypt is the location of a focus of large spiritual events over the last year both in the Chapel, the larger grids and world wide. History is being reshaped, a new continuum is being formed; this is well beyond the popular ideas of a "new age." Rosslyn is in the forefront and the "sign" in the stain is a strong indicator, or affirmation, of things we already know.

For me the joy is in the physical appearance which means the etheric plans, bells and whistles are strong enough and far enough along as "reality" to manifest. The message of the stain, for Sinclairs and Fingals is profound! This includes those souls with that "charge", not all wearing the Sinclair/Fingal names. There are thousands. However THIS IS FOR ALL HUMANITY, not just Sinclairs. Each clan has a function within the whole. Clan Sinclair is a conduit or pathway within the Racial Mind. This connective pathing (Nathaniel function) must be charged with Grace (Kaffa function) to work at all. Systems are minimized but communication is maximized, verbal or nonverbal.

For those who would continue the manifestation process (above) it would be well to come into a close resonance with the Chapel since it is a complete package of codes, a mechanism for manifesting divine plan. When doing this there are three major methods in combination: (1) meditation in the Silence (ie the "side door"), that is opening to the Unmanifest God beyond all levels, systems. This automatically dumps ash and trash in mental fields and reattunes to divine harmonics via an upgrade of the chakric system. (2) Come under Grace by whatever system you use. There is no more time for karmic resolution, clarity must come via Grace. This is the age old process: "all is karma, all is grace" however now the focus should be 98% on methods of enhancing expression of Grace. (3) Review and focus interests and study. Dump fallen continuum systems after determining Metatronic wisdom to bring forward out of them. They are now going down like the Titanic. Rosslyn stresses a unity of Celt and Judeo Christian systems. (4) Prayer. Take responsibility but also ask for aid.

All systems are upgrading ...the cabala is going to 13 sephiroth; the zodiacal temples are shifting to higher harmonics and also recognizing a pattern higher than the temporal one; DNA is transforming to 13 strands with an explosion of new codes. The collective Racial mind and soul is expanding and thus the nature of time and "reality" is changing. All this has started and is now in etheric patterns but progressively shifting down into this physical dimension. The stain is telling us this and how it is to manifest. Going along with the above, there are three areas of thought patterning or function: (1) "Johannine", that is Grace centered constructs. These are more subtle in the "feeling" range (beyond deflective emotion); "inspiration" or "exaltation" is more accurate. Joy, peace, balance, beauty, divine harmony are conditioners. Numeric and geometric systems are in the "5/10" or seed formats. This aspect is equal with the (2) "Nathaniel" function. Both of these are the lines in the Olgive relating to the Sinclair Charge. Nathaniel is the connective, bridging, communication, synergic unification, use of pillars/tubes/gates. Numeric systems are in the "3/6" formats. The (3) Kaffa (Peter) focus is in form building which is the area most familiar with everyone. Numeric systems use "4/8." In short, all matrices have 3 functional bases: Grace within the seed, the form, a system in and out. However without the basis of the Unmanifest God (Silence, rest, void, Life Source) any action is abortive.

Too much to wrap the brain around? Yes it is. Mentality is not "Mind", a first lesson. Forget the emphasis on rationalization and use "knowing" as a starter. This is the use of the total system which is centered in the heart chakra ..."thinking with the heart" is basic in all major spiritual systems. The brain is the last to get the word and that's more than likely to be fogged up. "Clarity" comes from divine intellect, not rationalization. Easy to say but hard to accomplish. The brain is a marvelous tool but it is not limited to the meaty thing in the head, it also has an etheric cerebellum supported by the total light body system and its several corresponding thought processors. This is a large science and all I'm trying to say is that we can't rely on low vibe rational conditioning. Meditation is not concentrating on thought forms, that's contemplation or "Meditation-with-seed." Meditation is stopping thought and opening to divine Source beyond phenomenal ash and trash. This clears out the higher intellect systems, not to mention essential divine connection. That might be easy for you but it isn't for me.

If any of this is valid, what does one do with it? Do we all run out and become mystics? Absolutely not! We do what we are doing now, we use our present spiritual expression or religion ...whatever it is. However, we would want to do it with more clarity, in an increasingly high state of Grace, with more awareness of the validity of whatever life style one is using.

Worldwide there are increasing frequency levels anticipating a continuum shift. The quality of energy and consciousness is Christic/ Metatronic by whatever name we wish to attach to it. This is more than the usual "new age" shift, it is a continuum shift. Unique for us. Its been planned and predicted for many thousands of years. The process has crashed before due to human inertial sluggishness mixed with forces that actively resist spiritual transformation and it might again. However it is important for each to come up to their own highest potential in terms of release of old useless inhibiting systems and also in whatever definition of divine Grace their system works with. Souls have specialties and ideally each would wish to work in their own with the greatest understanding and effectiveness. This is a matter of inner work; proper priests (men and women) should assist in that but the only, primary responsibility is within one's own authority under God ..."Commit thy works to God."

For Clan Sinclair? The same as above. There was once a time when the Templars and others carrying the Charge were more active in establishing those grid forms ...larger temple and earth grid constructions. And those grids were designed for the new continuum, are in place for the most part, and appear to be starting to fire up. Light groups could be trained to cooperate in the effort. However the more important thing for now is individual clarity and intention.


I am not connected in any way with the inner workings of Clan Sinclair so I may be out of line with this idea. Maybe not. I'm someone who cares. As far as I know there is no specific group of persons who are fully briefed on the complex mechanisms that seem to be surfacing strongly here. In earlier ages these would have been "inner core group" matters in the Templar hierarchy, then later probably in the Masons. There are indications at Montserrat that the Catholic Church still has a grip, albeit not impressive. ...Different times and different requirements.

I feel that it would benefit the Clan to generate a pro tem group to investigate (1) the apparent mechanisms: grids, temple matrices, sacred geometric formats as applied; and (2) possible reasons the systems were installed and how they were used. The group would only be collecting information, deciding whether further action might be indicated. If this were all only a matter of dusty history and artsy gadgetry I wouldn't be bothering with it myself, I'd be earning a living. But I'm seeing some pretty deep things here, getting deeper fast over the last several years. Rosslyn is not some rock pile in the outback, it is more like the cerebellum at the top of a planetary brainstem. The "brain" appears to be coming out of a deep sleep; the effective "nervous system" appears to be the specialized grids supplementing the basic Platonic formatted grids. These special grids appear to have been designed for this part of our history and the immediate future.

IF there's anything to this, then it seems to me that its time to look at it with a view to keeping abreast of changing time(s). A small leak and water stain seems pretty minor on the "face of it" ...pun intended... but I don't think that it is. This is the way "signs" work: they appear minor and it takes a very sensitive combination of persons of clarity to notice it for what it is and then move with it. If the sign is NOT noticed, than the persons have no business dipping into the larger event it portends. I think there is a divine flow here and it would be smart to catch the wave.


There will be some readers (this is going to an additional private Bcc list) who will understand how to use the L gate. I should caution those persons most strongly not to attempt it without firm spiritual back up, conditioning and training. Intention and clarity should be impeccable. A close reading of the above will show repeated reference to the necessary state of Christic clarity and state of Grace required by operators.
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono." ...The life of the land is perpetuated in Righteousness.


Niven's comment is an outstanding example of this "clarity." For those who skipped ahead and didn't wade through the preliminary stuff I will close with these golden words of Nivens' repeated once more:
"Is the time ripe for an important revelation at this critical time in the history of the World when we are experiencing momentous shifts in global energy patterns and in Man's growing understanding of his spiritual dimension?

"If this is too far out for most people, might I suggest a quiet moment of reflection and it will become clear.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience" This is a far cry from any religious dogma which, in the main, has stultified human growth for centuries. Earl William Sinclair knew this so, at a time when books were being banned or burned, he left his message chiseled out in stone in a Chapel which stands on a sacred site."
Spot on! Blessings Be...
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