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Ward Ginn's picture of the stained angel of Rosslyn Chapel
William Stuart Buehler's annotations of the crypt angel of Rosslyn Chapel
William Stuart Buehler's second annotations of the crypt angel of Rosslyn Chapel


This set of web pages is a place to put information about mysticism and religious speculation about Sinclair history and genealogy. Opinions from many different people are represented here, and I do not confirm, deny, attest, or refute any of them, except where I explicitly say so. —jsq

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William Stuart Buehler's second annotations of the crypt angel of Rosslyn Chapel

Crypt Angel, Commentary 2

Copyright by Rev. Wm Buehler, Church of Antioch (Malabar Rite), Crestone, Colorado.

"This is what the Sovereign Lord says: "See I lay a stone in Zion, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who trusts will never be dismayed." (Isaiah 28:16. For Reshel students: The Zion or zayin pole is the Ulta pole, by shifting the cornerstone or Resh into the Ulta we create the Corpus Vault or "Foundation.")

"...The stone which the builders (saw as No-thing) is become the Head Stone (Resh) of the Corner (L gate: crypt)." (Psalms 118:14-23. Note: this passage, 14-23, effectively summarizes this whole paper.)

From: "William Stuart Buehler" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 15:40:09 -0600

William Stuart Buehler's annotations of the crypt angel of Rosslyn Chapel This is a technical commentary relative to the first one. The division into parts is to ease email space limitations. I have sent this to a large list of persons interested in temple dynamics, sacred geometry and grids in general. This list is in the Bcc mode to save space. The basic addees are those originally selected by Niven, adding Ward Ginn.
NIVEN, this effectively completes my response to your request. I've probably learned more from it than anyone else, certainly had fun in finding dozens of connections I didn't know about. Although I was severely hampered by not having photos of everything and not being there I think I've turned up some very important systems that I can use in group work. I greatly appreciate your invitation to weigh in on this; I didn't have your depth of perception in recognizing what was happening but then, I wasn't able to be there and you were. I envy you your being in the middle of the action, but then my mountain here isn't so dull either for all o' that.

I will probably do another paper as an attempt to better understand a very important line which I've called the "Path of the Mother" Line. This was only discovered as a result of looking at the Stained Angel. The paper will be highly technical, for Reshel students, but I will probably send it to JSQ since it will directly involve the Stained Angel. The POM Line is mentioned in this commentary.

I offer the work to Clans Sinclair and Fingal for whatever they make of it, with great respect for who and what they are.



Ward Ginn's picture of the stained angel of Rosslyn Chapel This commentary expands on the first which addressed the symbolic meaning of the water stain that has appeared on one of the carved angels in Rosslyn Chapel's [Rosslyn Chapel] lower crypt. I interpreted the event: its timing, persons involved, stain's pattern and geometry as a sacred event related to the most profound Christic connection to Clans Sinclair and Fingal that I know of. This commentary expands on that theme but is focused more on the crypt's geometry and function, based on more information received in the interim.

The larger purpose in discovering these geometric harmonics is to be able to duplicate them anywhere, particularly in the Chapel, through mental and spiritual process ...that is to activate the system in a Christic and Metatronic mode. ("Metatron" is the highest archangel.)


are extended to Tim Wallace-Murphy who provided exact measurements and also valuable impressions of the rest of the angels and crypt size. He will probably provide his own comments later; this paper does not knowingly reflect his views nor those of the Church of the Johannine Grove from whom I have borrowed much basic information.


Niven asked me to look at the water stain to see what I could make of it. I view it as a spiritual event in a spiritual site with its own technology. Thus any analysis I could do would have to be in those terms. Very few mystics even know of the Reshel system much less understand it. I am not trying to make the event understandable to the world, I'm trying to understand it myself. I am avoiding popular cliches and am making a few concessions in compromising needed technical detail with simplicity and a bit of extra explanation. Other than that this is a working paper for Reshel technicians of the near future.

The first commentary addressed basic spiritual dynamics, this one goes more deeply into the grid formats. If there were to be a third it would investigate the angel's geometric design including the stain. This left hand (Boaz: strong fire gate) angel of the 1st power bay represents the primary right brain (fire) codes governing the crypt. This energetic was amplified by the addition of the skeleton stone ("King of Terror" is not an appropriate name. I have renamed it the "Enoch Stone" to fit the scenario I find there, reflecting the Cabalist Tree in Genesis), and now more profoundly by the addition of the stain. Accordingly I believe that the angel's design reflects a large grid system as well as its causal consciousness matrix ("Thought form").

This commentary has refined a number of previous designs, thanks to Tim Wallace-Murphy's detailed information (gratefully received!). One of the systems is the Sinclair Shield integrated into the crypts' dynamics. The angel carries the same shield but its of different proportions. Still, the stain fits exactly into the concept and actual function of the larger standard Sinclair Shield covering the crypt. I know that sometime I will have to check out the angel's grid but maybe after I get my shed built before winter.


in refining what has to be the most exact design of the Sinclair shield. The stairway is the vertical part and I found the cross part, same size, in the two golden ratio measurements combining the crypt's basic harmonic with the shield's. These appear to be the centerline of the outside door and the generation line (with two angels) of the 3rd bay. (Figure ROS-2) If my count of the stairs is correct I also found the "clarity" in St. Clare coded in Hebrew.

I also found the crypt's own Reshel system, which is vital Reshel technology related to the "Gates of Righteousness" of Ps. 118:14-24, ie the two "Pillars of the Abode" (Boaz, Yah-chen). I also found the Chapel's main energetic line that appears to unify all systems; one of its four poles is the stained angel's, also resonant with the Great Pyramid's sealed inner chamber accessed by initiates physically dematerializing and rematerializing in the chamber. I am quite sure that the Pyramid "Mid-Chamber" (my own term) dynamic is part of the stained angel "station" actions.


I have not significantly changed my previous commentary, not enough to have to rewrite it. Tim noted that the piece thought to be Peter (holding one key) does not appear to be making eye contact with the stained angel. Nor does he feel that the stained angel is a "doorkeeper" as I think it is, since the piece is 88 inches from the wall or about 92 inches to the bottom step at the doorway. I still see the angel as a doorkeeper for two reasons:

  1. there is a distance of 7 or 8 feet to bridge to make direct contact with a priest at the bottom of the stairs in the entrance. We might consider that the average person's causal aura is probably about 4 feet from the physical body. A priest's would be more however I have participated in experiments measuring auric fields where an average person can link with another, through feeling love, instantly across a 50 foot gap. It might be farther but that was the size of the room. (Shifting to a hate feeling immediately scrambled the field and collapsed it.) If a priest is opening that "station" on the first step it is a simple connection.

  2. the pole directly in front of the angel on the center line of the crypt is one of four of the Chapels' primary gate poles that I did not know about at the first writing.

So although I don't completely agree with Tims' thoughts in those items I am very appreciative of his input.


The geometry of the angel contains several strong systems related to the Grail and Reshel grid. Tim has computed that there is about a 15 degree parallax angle relative to the face of the piece. This is not enough to dispute the patterns being there but it is enough to do precise work that does suggest itself. That is, it appears that the geometric pattern is a schematic for a larger temple and earth grid. If true, then ideally we should be able to directly overlay the scaled up pattern to known key anchoring points. But only if we had an exact copy and if the piece itself is precisely executed. I would be possible, once knowing the basic patterns, to reproduce them exactly with drafting techniques converting any angular offset. That would take more time than I have.

The water stain resonates with the right forehead wound of the so-called "Apprentice" in the upper Chapel. The shape of the stain can be correlated with the "Olgive" or Christic mysteries ostensibly surfaced in the Clans Sinclair and Fingal. My approach was to better define the "wound" and blood-water symbolism and to correlate the angel with the Christ. The "stain" then becomes the manifestation in these critical times of the Clans within the Christic dynamic functioning through the Chapel and larger network of Reshel grids in GB, Europe, the Americas and the rest of the Planet. There are too many correlations that fit to pass the event off as just a bad roof leak.

The angel marks a specific "station" or energy pole to be activated (rebooted) when the Chapel is brought online in a Metatronic/ Christic mode using the Metatronic Reshel (Chief Head Stone) Grid system for controlling energies and consciousness. (More below.)


Europe is the Planet's (GAIA's) right forebrain: Greece is the ajna (brow) pole and Hawaii is opposite in the Roil /Royale poles at the back of the planetary "resh" or head. There are a number of huge Reshel earth grids organizing Europe's (and the Americas) Christic consciousness and supporting energy formats. The system does not control people but it is a potent "aid" in facilitating the evolution of the Racial mind-soul in combination with the same Gaia formats. The grids are ancient but were designed and installed for this present unique transition period. This is much more than the usual "new age" that generates ever few thousand years, this is a whole new CONTINUUM being generated ...yet at the same time it has always existed. Temples that use the Reshel system ...Rosslyn, Chartres, Montserrat, Stonehenge, etc... are the major modules in a vast spiritual machine intended to drive the evolutionary jump.

Rosslyn is the apex module in all the several Reshel grids covering Europe, on into the Middle East grounding at Mt. Sinai. Within the past year Rosslyn has had installed the planetary Christic Alpha Pole downloaded from the Mt. Schiehallion/ Fortingall line into the Edinburgh Matrix (Rosslyn controlling). Its installed in the Crypt! It polarizes with another rod at Glastonbury. ALL this power and function uploads into Rosslyn via its central "ULTA" pole. This pole accepts and sorts out this vastly complicated signal, distributing the thousands of vectors through the Reshel sub systems. The Ulta pole is located on the East wall, under the rose window in the Lady Chapel, on the chapel's center line. It is near the wall in the N-S line through the four altars on that wall. The Ulta pole is too holy to have an altar and should not be approached when the Chapel is online.

This N-S line on the East wall is called the "Event Horizon" for simplicity. In the Reshel it would also have a few other names: Core Acceleration Bar, Horizon of Thoth, a teleplane. The Event Horizon, as a teleplane, has two surfaces similar to a two sided mirror (which in Hebrew is the word "mar" as in Mari whose chapel this is and all the other Templar Marian cathedrals). In short, this wall or teleplane forms the reality codes for whatever it being created in the Chapel. It has two primary overall codes: the CHRISTIC which is shown in Figure ROS-1 and which is partially used in the crypt, and the SHEKINAH MARI or the Dwelling of Mari, the upper chapel. The Reshel grids are similar and are two halves of one system. The apices of the pentagonal triangles in each half meet in the Ulta pole. The crypt has its own duplicate Reshel system, shown in Figure ROS-2 as well as ROS-1. The Reshel grids provide the specific Metatronic stations used in activating the Chapel for intra time continua projects and high Christic Works once practiced by St. Columbas' monks and later by the Templars (these in more recent times, 5th-15th centuries more or less; the grids are much older).


  1. TELEPLANE: I have observed that light groups eventually expand to transcend linear time formats. They often see this continuum as a flat plane shimmering with a moon-light effect on ripples. Thus the archetype that connects water with a time continuum. Also called a "vault, ark/arc, reality frame (as a 4-square)." Our 3-dimensional perception of reality is much like a holodeck in the Star Trek TV series. We are in a solid, Newtonian universe but projected as illusion from a flat plane (teleplane). The plane can be encoded into a straight line or staff/pillar or curve and sphere. The plane has two surfaces separated by a Selah Field or Void. This is divine Essence, ie the Unmanifest God. This is the basis of all reality frames. The ripple effect is apparently life force from the Void expressing as divine intelligence and as an objective quality of "Grace." Various systems have specific "gunas" or aspects of primal creation. Judeo Christian scriptures have many. The two sided mirror (Hebrew "mar") is a strong correlation with the nature of the teleplane.

  2. ULTA POLE: This is the divine seed and system between the two planes of a continuum reality. It projects two clones of itself into the two planes (Reshel "shiyn" poles) from which the Reshel grids generate to create the systems that support Metatronic creation. The shiyn poles transfer a divine state into temporal terms but not linear time. The universe is constantly "Flashing" from one mode of compression (cube-sphere) to one of expansion (torus) through a neutra mode of neither. The Ulta pole is in the neutra point holding the reference for the universe. All reality frames or teleplanes model the Ultas' dynamics within one universal harmonic. Our two basic shiyn poles function through the male Christos and the female Shekinah codes.

  3. GOLDEN RATIO: The math appears to create a harmonic that supports life; life forms often automatically pattern themselves in golden ratio spirals. The Reshel grid generates GR spirals that project the systems' codes from the initial "Glory" pole and then into the Event Horizon (teleplane) to ground in "Pools of Life" or "Pools of the Moon"; there are two of them as a harmonic of our original two moons. The spirals also link other functions: the L-Gates or Pillars, tetrahedron formations, Sun codes, primary Ulta pole codes for each side of the teleplane.

  4. THE L-GATE: The gate is formed in an "L" shape or the "stone that becomes the corner" (Ps 118:19-23). There are 3 ways to operate the gate that we know of with different effects. This is dangerous and must not be experimented with. One of our groups, years ago, was blocking their link with angelic and hierarchical mentors and in ignorance triggered the gate. The mentors relaxed the group field and "let it happen"; the doors to the room disappeared, replaced by original bricks, wall construction ...never having existed (in linear time). The people fell out of their seats from vertigo and resulting nausea (inner ear affected by inept time gating). After a few minutes, to make the point, control was reestablished and they returned to this continuum.

The L is a short version of reproducing the golden ratio rhombus used in the Reshel. The crypt forms one of the two L's (Gates of Righteousness) in the Christic Reshel. (The same appears in the Chartres' St. Piat chapel, also the Montserrat basilica and other cathedrals.) Use of the L will translate the temple into a true no-time/ all-time mode from which valid work may be done in a 3-continua scenario with Metatronic agencies who work under the Michael Mandate. This is well beyond the range of work within this continuum but does include it.

None of this should be associated with the abominations performed in the Montauk Project activity and related programs.



    I now believe that within the past year Rosslyn has made an essential shift from a main function of redemption to one of full realization or "resurrection" in the usual context. In this it will be coming into its originally intended potential.

    We are straddling two realities or two Paths: one of the Fall and Redemption with its own higher wisdom and the other of Grace, perfection, as reality resonant with the rest of the universes and specifically the two related to us, essentially our past and future continua in the Ranna Wave ...all three continua (including this fallen one) coexisting in one non-linear time. We are being required to rapidly shift our balance, in this "straddling" posture, solidly on the path of Grace in the Christic/ Metatronic reality. Rosslyn and many other temples were designed to handle the new, and real, continua with the basic installation of the Techad (Reshel) format. This is the one harmonic system most adapted to facilitating the actual continuum shift or "LP-40" (Light Principle #40 as the dynamic for time shift, etc.). So I see Rosslyn, and the other temples, not only as coming into their old and superior application but now into their real and intended potential. She's coming into her new life. We all are, who wish to.


    Prior to this new study prompted by the water stain (and part of the stain-event, I see) I used to think that the "L", the two in each Reshel half, formed two pillars that correlate with the two-pillar gate (Boaz, Yah-chen) or "Pillars of the Abode" and the "Gates of Righteousness" (Ps 118:19-24), and the single resulting Gate, the "Gate of the Lord" was opened between them. Now I see that each Pillar or "L" is a holographic full Reshel system within itself which then has an infinite progression of fractal duplications. This L system is shown in Figure ROS-2. ROS-1 also has it but its combined with others and hard to see. Explaining this graphic would take a week-end seminar just to cover the very small amount I know of.


    1. BASIC SUSTAINING HARMONIC: This is formed by a golden ratio rectangle or "vault" (reality frame). Its four sides are:

      1. the main Event Horizon along the East Wall of the Lady Chapel in the upper Chapel. Two altars are contained in the crypt's western side (ie that portion of the Event Horizon): the "High Altar" is that of Kaffa (Peter) located above the stairs into the crypt (3rd station activating the star tetrahedron universal connective or prime Gate... Kaffa's one key), and the altar next to it (still in the Lady Chapel) dedicated to St. Andrew. This combination creates a reality frame in the crypt's western teleplane: one of actualization, that is it is setting up the basic system for manifesting the actions within the crypt. The TWO BROTHERS Andrew and Shemon (aka Kaffa) transfer the Event Horizons' four altar dynamic into the crypt.

        My first commentary interpreted Kaffa as the gatekeeper, etc. but Andrew is a complementary pole (John 1:40-51). I don't know Andrew's name in Hebrew, no books have it. Its inconceivable that he should have a Greek name and I shouldn't attempt to analyze that here. I will connect two items: the saltire or "St Andrew's Cross" of Scotland and also the spiritual cross inputting into the fixed or "Greek" cross, and also the cross connection (John reference) to Nathaniel who was charged with the Olgive by Yeshua (now picked up in Clans Sinclair and Fingal). Nathaniel also specialized as the pillar/ connective and the "Jew/ Yud without guile, ie perfect" (1:47). The whole matrix of 40-57 should be used to understand the function of the star tetra being activated under the altar. This altar is too holy to have an operator next to it, as does the other three; the altar is above the operator on the steps, in his/ her essential chakra over the head.

      2. The east wall (inside) of the crypt including the inside of the Sacristy (small "monk's cell") to the northern corner. The southern limit of this plane is within the crypt's south wall at the distance measured against the fire place's south wall (inside) or against the outside limit of the wall even with the main Chapel's buttress' outer limit. The corner of this easternmost buttress appears to mark the SW corner of the crypt's rectangle. There are two altars on the east wall: the one in the crypt under the window which is in the 90 degree bend of the L and the other as the most holy, Christic Resh pole or Chief Head Stone point for the Chapel, located in the Sacristy. These two altars mark the ONLY two points (other than the apex or zayin pole in the Ulta pole) of the Christic Reshel half that are in the building, the others being too holy to be exposed to human interface. IF the operators can come up to the level of the "Christ that Abides (within)" ...which is the objective of all the stations so far, than the Christic half will activate and the project for the day is "a go."

        These two altars contain the poles of the main Reshel grid (Christic half) as shown in the two Figures. Figure ROS-2 more clearly shows the position of the two operators for those altars. Their positions however are key points in the L's own Reshel system. This remarkable situation better defines the function of those two operators relative to the nature of complementary poles in the same overall system. (Too large an explanation for here.) One object on the Sacristy altar (right side) would have been the "Baphomet" archetype: silver woman's head with the number "58" as operative (Hebrew words for Noach, the Silence and Rest, and Chen, Grace), or one of the crystal skulls. The lighted candle of the Host would have been on the left (Boaz fire gate function). The crypt altar might have had a grail chalice, probably with a fish symbolism (letter dallet, Hebrew alphabet code) for the

        mastery of the waters (teleplane, temporal non-linear state) as the lower soul. In most grids there is a tower here: Sinclair tower on Black Hill relative to the Rosslyn Chapel, or the Washington Monument obelisk in Washington DC as examples. The crypt has a correct window in which the axis of the vesica in the window is the pillar. This vesica appears to use the Bethlehem Angle which would be exact with the nature of the crypt.

      3. The north and south walls have the various angels that encode the relative codes however I do not have pictures of them so I can't comment. I have Ward's photo of the "bleeding" angel. Each wall has a door. The "Kaffa" angel holding the one key is the doorkeeper to the southern outside door, explained in the first commentary. There are two critical notes re this door: it is in the .618 golden ratio of the crypt's rectangle, thereby the mediator to the two aspects of the ratio and prime reference N-S meridian. It also bypasses all the Chapels' stations up to the position of the 3rd power bay of the crypt (there are 5 bays in the crypt, governed by the angels). The 3rd bay contains the Grail apex or Resh pole in its eastern teleplane, in front of the Kaffa "angel." Also this bay holds the recent Planetary Christic Alpha (indwelling) Pole downloaded from the new Templa Mar in Mt. Schiehallion. The bypassing of all stations demands the pure God Essence or Selah (Rest, Silence) clarity of the operator holding the position and the ones transiting the Bay and station of the Chief Head Stone conditioned by the codes of the angels there. This marks a major "L-Shift" at this point which effectively brings the Unmanifest divine Essence (ie the "Peace of God" in Phil. 4:7) into manifestation as the Manifest God ("God of Peace": 4:9). This is the most vital, critical single movement in the whole Chapel's activation! It is most appropriate that the Alpha Pole was grounded here a year ago. It is my assumption that the water stain is a direct result of that upgrade, a switch on into the Chapel's full potential and realization of the builders' final objective in its beginning glory!

        The northern door into the Sacristy is a harmonic of the "Temple of the Northern Door" in the Ruta temple matrix. The archetypal "North Gate" is the one into the higher heavens. The planet's North Pole is an equivalent. Its why temples orient North for maximum spiritual function. East is a working generation mode but the N-S axis is primary: in Rosslyn the East Wall with the 4 altars and 3 window of couplets, the rose window above, is the N-S axis. The Northern Door of the Rutan temple accesses all time continua but this door is presently defective due to the Fall, Mars/Michael/Lucifer war, and the Montauk abominations all in one disastrous time implosion. This is relevant to the Edinburgh and Rosslyn function in that the vortex of that implosion anchored on Staffa, next to Iona, where we find the Cave of Fingal. There is a larger part of this explanation linked with Columba's Lindisfarne Holy Island and his grids in Edinburgh taken over by the Sinclairs and ostensibly the Fingals.

        The physical northern wall of the crypt is a harmonic of the nonphysical northern wall outside the L shaped crypt but within the Christic Reshel grid half. A portion of that nonphysical wall is physical within the Sacristy. This arrangement provides physical operators with a working version of the North Wall and Prime Gate without defiling or dropping the power of the Christic North Wall.


      already noted above as a separate major item. The basic "sustaining vault" connects with the main Chapel's Reshel system but uses the separate Reshel grid as a working interface mechanism to activate the crypt within the Chapel's sentient state of being (elemental side of the team) and the human (the Reshel system), and the angelic or full Christic Reshel half. (The Shekinah, female, half is in the upper Chapel for full activation by the "Brides of Christ" ie physical humanity.)


      [Shield] The first commentary explained somewhat of the Shield's symbolism. It is the blue-silver typical Sat (Being: Life), Chit (divine intelligence), and Ananda (Joy of being in Grace) qualities of the basic teleplane of real time. The axes, three of them, are black (the Void of divine reality: Selah field) shaped in the peculiar scalloped "grail" vesica curves. These vesicas ostensibly define the Bethlehem Angle or Grail geometry found in the basic Reshel's Resh format. Thus all creation regarding Sinclair prime cause is of the Grail but defined best by the Reshel. It is appropriate that Rosslyn is the Resh pole in the Edinburgh Matrix's L system between Inchcolm (Island of St. Columba), Black Hill and Rosslyn. This L format is modeled in the crypt from the bottom step in the stairway, west door, to the altar, thence to the Sacristy altar. The main Chapel axis through the Sacristy altar correlates with the Line between Thurso and San Sebastian, Spain, but bent via an L shift into the East.

      The "Tavhara Line" (Thurso to San Sebastian) goes through Arthur's Seat in Holy-Rood down through Rosslyn's East Wall N-S axis. Then through Glastonbury Tor as the other major pole complementing Edinburgh and Rosslyn. These use the Bethlehem Triangle to create a Grail core covering most of the UK. Perhaps the most astounding thing in all this is the "resh" or "head" pole of the UK grail triangle ...the same as Rosslyn represents and the pole in the Sacristy and Bays 3-4... where the head is actual a large island shaped like a head with outstretched arm and open, creating hand, Mt. Snowdon as the heart. (This is Holy Island, Anglesey.) This island forms a direct harmonic with Glastonbury that Fortingall and Mt Schiehallion do with the Edinburgh Matrix, using Thurso as a common pivot point. This was designed into Henry Sinclair's Shamir Arms.

      The Shield's upper side is the same base line as the crypt's Reshel base (Figure ROS-2). The two Pools of Life form the upper corners. The nonphysical Christic North Wall is the shield's right side and the left side is outside the physical crypt. The point at the base is on the special station platform on the descending stairway lined up with the Apprentice Pillar and the Mari Pillar. The alignment is at the east side of that platform but the Reshel's "Kronos" pole, or golden ratio rhombus apex, is on the platform. I brought the shield's curve through the main Ulta Pole. The Shield's cross axis is marked by the line between the crypts' 2nd and 3rd power bays. This is the golden ratio of the Shield. The golden ratio for the crypt is the center of the outside door extended through the 3rd bay. Its my feeling that the two boundaries of the cross axis would be these two golden ratio lines. This would have the effect of linking the higher functions of Clan Sinclair with the physical functions but using a common Reshel system in initiating all actions at all levels with the Bethlehem grail core geometry and consciousness.

      The two limiting lines in the vertical part of the cross is the SAME WIDTH of the cross element AS THE STAIRS' WIDTH! There appears to be 20 levels in the stairs down from the platform, counting the main floor of the crypt. The 7th step down is under the Kaffa altar. We have a message here! The "base" of the Cross is governed by Kaffa in combination with whatever the rest of the East Wall (N-S link with the huge Tavhara Line) represents. Remember that the teleplane has two surfaces separated by the pure, clear Selah No-thing. Also that the Olgive Christic mysteries have two paths: the Petrine (Kaffa) and Johannine/ Nathaniel Bar Tholmi (Bartholomew) ...the Red or Blood Path and White Path respectively. These are the two sides of the Cross' bar and the matrix of John 1:40-51 and the dual Fingal -Sinclair unity respectively.

      I'm not sure about the number of steps, I am reading the several plan versions which agree on that number. The "20" and "7" combination spells "zak" in Hebrew. This means: "pure, clear", which any St. Clare will immediately understand! The "20" is the letter Kaf as in "kaffa" and it was originally drawn as a crescent with two parallel lines in it. This is the Reshel format and it also has the two lines in the curve of the shield using the Reshel system. Kaf means: "hollow stone, closed fist, paw, to curve, etc." It is the left brain, right closed hand, relative to YUD which is right brain, left and open hand. There are other correlations. The "7" is the Sheeba number of the Goddess or complete female. In the East she is called the "Shakti" or "energy." Most of the "7" formats in scripture are the total female matrix, very complex, which needs the single male 8th aspect to balance. The male provides the seed, the female births the form ...right and left brain respectively in spite of what psychologists think. (They are actually correct at the lower level however there is a reversal between levels.)

      So if the set of 20 steps relate to Kaffa, for clarity and the Sinclair connection we must add the female "7" as Goddess or Sheeba to the Hollow Stone. The 7th step is the BASIS for the Kaffa altar above. The altar would represent the male 8th aspect which then becomes female relative to the Yud. The Yud "seed" is found at the bottom step which holds the Reshel Christic Generator (Christ Glory pole) or "Yeshua" as the "Yud-shua" or "freedom, prosperity via the Yud." Besides generating the whole Reshel form, this pole also contains the capstone of the Great Pyramid (function is the number 50) and the apex of the 1.618 phi (golden ratio) rhombus. The Pyramids' sockets are in the "Thresholds of Sythia", one being label in Figure ROS-2. The actual socket voids carved into bedrock at Gizeh code the Circadian Rhythm which is our physical correspondence with a cosmic life support system in the real universes of the Ranna Wave. This is the basis, with the synthesizing capstone, of the hundreds of spiritual codes in the Pyramid and Gizeh matrix. The Reshel contains them and they focus on the bottom step as the Yud-seed. The rhombus apex puts this in a Ranna Wave context of reality beyond this fallen continuum. As the bottom step it is the "leaping off" point into the crypt proper and the 1st power bay. In constructing the Shield I continued the "Kaffa Curve" as far as this point.


    The Templa Mar code for the 8 directions or two crosses uses the NW pole as the "Path of the Mother" or Enthroned Goddess/ Madonna pole. Its complementary SE pole is the "Tree of Knowledge." This 8-point Wheel is in the upper chapel, centered by the Mari Pillar, but there is a superior NW-SE vector that unifies the whole system. It links with the "bleeding" angel directly; that's how I found it. Before describing this primary vector which I have labeled the "Path of the Mother" in Figure ROS-2 I will expand more on the Bleeding Angel.

I have already written about my theory that the angel is the Christic angel: Arhiel, incarnated as the Messiah Yeshua. The water stain neatly corresponds in several aspects with the surfacing of the Olgive charge by Yeshua given into the disciples noted above. The first branch of the water stain leading into the top center of the Sinclair Shield, as is occurring in the crypt itself as noted above, is the Petrine or Kaffa charge. The stain is the Christ imparted input at the top of the shield (ie the eastern altar in the crypt) while the Clan Sinclair and Fingal connection comes up from the bottom point to meet it as it were. The water flow continues to then split into two (ostensibly the Johannine and Nathaniel couplet) to then merge into the shield at two points in the right corner. This of course is the altar of the Sacristy which would have two items on the altar representing the two disciples.

Restated more directly, the Angel and the recent stain is activating the Christ-Olgive spiritual charge physically in Clan Sinclair and Fingal and its coming, appropriately, through the Rosslyn crypt and its 1st Bay. This is coming close after the installation of the Planetary Christic indwelling Alpha pole in the crypt's Sinclair Shield! This is the largest happening in Clan Sinclair that I can conceive of since its ancient conception! Again I would recommend review of Niven's comment I added at the end of the first commentary as voicing the Spirit of the Sinclairs.

The Angels code the power bays and induce their own codes into the Sustaining Vault of the crypt. All the angels have complementing angels across from each other, creating a polar energy field between them. The center point of each field is a station on the central path and Sinclair Shield. The angels are in the division "teleplanes" that join the adjacent bays. This is a clear message based on the "engrailed cross" symbolism on the overhead division lines. The cross bars describe two complementary realities in each bay, all of them in the five bays being resonant.

With that preamble I now point out those two points again, in the 1st Bay. On the bottom step the apex of the Pyramid and the Angel on the north wall about 7.5 feet to the left on entering. There is a complementary angel across the bay creating the field and a center point of synthesis between them. This central point is critical and I will label it the "Mid Chamber" pole (mid chamber of the Pyramid). In the Great Pyramid the Mid-Chamber is the center of the main cube-sphere formed by the Pyramid; it is the virtual Ulta pole of the Pyramid (Temple of the Risen One). As such it is a primary Gate and is also resonant with the Chapel's Ulta pole in the Lady Chapel, centering the Event Horizon.


I have not attempted to interpret and describe the nature of the two main systems of stations overlaid in the crypt: the crypt's L Reshel and also the other (not discussed here) added by the main Christos Reshel system. I am missing too much direct input from the site itself and anything more would be even more confusing than the outline in this commentary. I am not trying to instruct people in how to activate the Chapel, I'm only trying to indicate that there is a complex system installed, that the Templars used it once but not up to full potential (it wasn't the time), and that there are subtle cues that indicate that there is a regeneration that has begun not only in the Chapel as a control mechanism but also in the larger Metatronic grid system.

Operation of this system would demand absolute clarity in the observers. Group experience with complex systems has shown that these are beyond physical human capability to comprehend and manage in the kind of complicated interactions I've remarked on here. Operation will be possible, however, by using the "Moving Selah" technique or "Letting God do it" in effect. I strongly caution ambitious readers against trying to activate these gates and other mechanisms. I have put forward a bit of basic knowledge once held secret by only a few Templar inner groups. This is the unique and critical time that mysteries are being shouted from the rooftops but great discretion must be used in discerning what to do with the knowledge, and when. There are powerful agencies that are trying to block the Translation; they succeed through human ill considered ego centered ignorance.

One other caution would be against an uninformed excavation of the lower levels without knowing exactly how to bypass the sealed energetic poles without damaging them. I have only shown a few systems used in the crypt in their most superficial schematics but perhaps the reader can appreciate that these have very little to do with mundane archeology or idle curiosity. Too much can be lost and too little gained by digging.


or "Path of the Mother." This is one line that connects the Chapels' four primary poles. I'm fairly certain about the accuracy of this, there is an excellent cross check: the four poles are in the golden ratio sequence. A pulse down the line would set up a GR harmonic, probably a musical chord if I were smart enough to figure it out.

The poles are:

  1. One pole is physical and is the "Master" Pillar (Boaz: strong fire gate). The Chapels' Pillar codes are in this pillar and it is the Heel Stone (NE) pillar in the Templa Mar format used in the 8-point Wheel around the Mari Pillar. As such is transfers divine codes into the upper chapel's main manifesting system. However, it also transfers them through a superior action line now being identified. This action is two-way and the Master Pillar is down and uploading codes from and to the other main poles.

  2. The next pole is the Chapel's Ulta pole centering the Event Horizon and synthesizing all the codes of the N-S prime teleplane ...all windows and altars as well as the vertical (elevation) Reshel system used to organize these codes. This Reshel grid is the most precisely integrated with the physical temple that I have found yet. It ties directly into the human operators' chakras. Therefore a human operator at the altars become unified with the system via the chakras and Reshel grid. Each operator is conditioned to carry the Reshel matrix programmed into the light bodies.

  3. The Mid-Chamber pole in the stained angel field between the 1st and 2nd bays. This vital point is the first station encountered upon stepping onto the crypt floor. This is the main gate kept and defined by the angel. Its codes are found in its geometry and the Sinclair Shield. I submit that the primary codes now are also found in the stain representing water and blood and the Olgive.

  4. The "beyth Threshold of Sythia" in the crypt's own Reshel grid (Figure ROS-2) completely outside the physical crypt. As the "beyth" (Hebrew letter) it holds the female temple codes as well as the Pyramid socket Circadian Rhythm system and its cosmic parallel. This Reshel system orchestrates the Christic Boaz Pillar or "L" and should be considered as the main encoding point for the temple. Through the line connecting the four poles, the whole resonant coded format integrates with the UK sized Tavhara Line (Thurso to San Sebastian). I also will point out that one version of the Sinclair Shield on an overhead boss in the upper chapel is being held by two hands in which only the two thumbs are shown in the upper two corners of the Shield. The "thumb" in Hebrew is the YUD dynamic, a direct translation of Yud. The yud dynamic passes the power and dominion of Spirit into all other poles. The two Thresholds of Sythia are in these same positions relative to the Sinclair Shield already discussed.

I won't be writing any more about this subject or making any "spin off" comments to questions. I have done this commentary because I was asked and I believe in Clan Sinclair and what it represents in levels not generally known. I've only intended to jiggle the status quo a little and maybe open some doors in imagination. I was told once that "Imagination is the bridge to reality."

"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono." ...The life of the land is perpetuated in Righteousness. (Hawaii State Motto)
Blessings Be...
William Buehler

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