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Ward Ginn's picture of the stained angel of Rosslyn Chapel
William Stuart Buehler's annotations of the crypt angel of Rosslyn Chapel
William Stuart Buehler's second annotations of the crypt angel of Rosslyn Chapel


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Sacred Geometry: Sinclair application: Noss Head

From: "William Stuart Buehler" <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 10:00:13 -0600

The question: "What is the meaning of 'Noss' in 'Noss Head'?" Answer: "Noss" means "nose" in Norwegian. That is reasonable for the shape of the Head however I suspect that both "nose" and "head" have more significant meanings when put into a much larger, hitherto hidden picture. This commentary will only briefly refer to a vastly complex geometric form called the "Reshel" (Chief Headstone/ Corner of God) as used by Templars more recently, applied in the geometry of Chartres, Rosslyn, Notre Dame, Montserrat as a few examples that I have looked at. Stonehenge uses it, so does the Gizeh Plateau matrix and the astrological ceiling in the Hathor Temple at Dendera. Its been around for a while. It is also used by the Sinclair Templars as a large 28 mile diameter Earth Grid around Edinburgh with Rosslyn as the "Resh" (Chief Head Stone) control point. This matrix polarizes with Glastonbury and is on a line from Thurso to San Sebastian in Spain. That is, the Reshel grid networks Europe, "Alba-On" (ancient name for British isles), and the Americas. The grid has a sub system that reaches from Canada past Virginia and is tied into the Henry Expedition of 1398 CE. So its a big deal, as we Yanks would put it.

And as the Brits would say, "What's this all in aid of?" What this special grid does and its relevance for now is a huge story that defies jamming it into one line. But I'll try, with reservations. Suppose God created a directive: "Let's help that bunch of humans return their continuum back where it belongs; We'll create a Grail system and a Messiah to open it up and make it go ...let's use archangel Metatron's Techad Plan, call it the 'Reshel' in their language and install it for the duration of their schooling. Do it!" And so we have it and the Sinclairs took the lead after their expulsion from France. St. Columba before them had the system in place, or a large part of it, and he had overlaid previous versions (three of them) so it wasn't that hard for the Sinclairs to get it together. And the French guys out of the Languedoc area had the plan anyway. Since the Christ has been described as "the Chief Head Stone" that can not be ignored else it will crush you" I leave it to your imagination in contemplating the high degree of Spiritual being and knowing needed by the operators.

"NOSS" TRANSLATION: Nordic derivation: "nose." (Fm. DWELLY'S GAELIC TO ENGLISH) "Nas", pg 685-6: noble, worth; anniversary, band, tie, death assembly. "Neas", pg 687: weasel, ferret, wound, fortified hill, promontory, headland (ie possible connection with the nose idea, WSB), tool for making earthern pots. "Nois" (pg 700: excellent, noble. "Nos", pg 700: knowledge, custom, manner, habit, cow's first milk after calving, first of anything, white, pure. "Nus", see nos.

NOSE SIGNIFICANCE: Of the above meanings, "nose" seems most useful. The ancient Egyptian priests would de-nose statues or carvings of beings they wished to disempower in whatever world they happened to be in. There are inferences possible from Eastern procedures for using each nostril in controlling specific effects in effecting spiritual efficiency. The skull is basically a resonance chamber and the nose and sinus cavities produce specific mantra effects to produce desired results in shifts in awareness and also manifestation process. These effects relate to the pineal and other glands in the skull which are also directly responsive to the ajna or "brow" chakra (energy system). This chakra is a primary spiritual connective and processing matrix in making divine contact. This understanding is vital in interpreting the Henry Arms (below).

In following this line of thought we must look at words in a few other languages: Celtic and Hebrew. I would check Sanskrit also if I had an English to Sanskrit dictionary ...mine is the other direction. Dwelly's gives us "cuinlean: boat's stem, nose, any projection, especially of corn cut from the stalk hence a source of supply." Also we find "gulb: nose, cork." Hebrew gives us "aph: accession, nose, nostril, face, a person, to cook, bake, a measure of grain." Also "charam: seclude, devote or set aside to religious use, a net or doomed object, devoted." Why be concerned about Hebrew? St. Columba and the Templars have used it for their "universal" language probably due to its being the language Yeshu spoke, also because its main code is that of the Reshel system which they used extensively.

CONNECTIONS: There are a number of strong connections: "NOSE" is the big one and hidden (see Henry Arms correlation below). "Anniversary" (as a yearly cycle) is possible but profound if there is a connection. "Promontory" and headland are obvious but mundane with no great relevance. "Excellence, nobility, knowledge" are clear connections related to the grid node's function however "purity, white, and first milk" are perhaps more significant. Different languages and eras do not bother me very much since the spiritual dynamics connected with important sites were as well or better known to the Celts and those more ancient than the more recent Templars. The associated names would have been passed on into the future; this is what I've observed in other situations. To all of this I add the Hebrew; I would therefore connect the breath, sound control and the idea that the nose is "set apart for holy use" as the most relevant connections. Again this subject is too large for this paper.

WHAT IS IT THAT IS BEING DESCRIBED? The grid system noted above uses Noss head and its castles as a primary energy and consciousness node. The part of the Reshel system being used is called the "L-Gate"; there are two of them that connect at Noss Head. The L-Gate has been known for many centuries. A startling example is the illumined letter "L" on the first page of St. Columba's Lindisfarne Gospel. It contains the cues for Reshel geometry and with them 9 Celtic knots shown as one but divided in a sequence of 2-4-2-1 which is "bad-ba" in Hebrew and translates as "Chief Gate." The glyphs in the letter also are very remarkable: the bird and serpent staff archetype is highly relevant but not surprising. His combining the bird with the whale as one unit is a bit of knowledge not well known even in the mystic community. This most remarkable bird-whale head is in the same position on the "L" as Noss Head is in one of the two L's found connecting Eynhallow ("The Sanctified Nothing") in Orkney, Thurso, and Noss Head. The linkage is also through the Ring of Brodgar in Orkney which gives us a golden ratio connection from Noss Head to the Ring.

This double-L system organizes the critical Orkney codes and energies and transfers them into Thurso and Noss head. From Thurso, then into what is the most important grid system in the Planet. The primary L is from Eynhallow to Thurso via the Ring of Brodgar, then to Noss Head. The long (vertical) axis of the L (Eynhallow to Thurso) is on the essential "Bethlehem Angle" as measured relative to the meridian through Thurso. Without going into a 50 page discourse, the Noss Head castle is the control point for the L, just as Rosslyn is for the same system formed at Edinburgh (which St. Columba also rebooted). In this identical L system the spiritual control is in the upper tip of the L and the temporal (spiritual) control is the one in the outer tip of the horizontal line in the L. St. Columba's abbey on Inchcolm in the Firth of Forth corresponds with the church on Eynhallow. Where Thurso is on the one L, Black Hill (with Sinclair tower) corresponds at Edinburgh. The line (Tavhara Line) from Thurso to San Sebastian goes through Arthur's Seat (Holy-Rood), Rosslyn, the main Grail center north of Liverpool (called the "Aber'sk" in the ancient, spiritual language), Glastonbury Tor, Guernsey, then to San Sebastian. This line sets up a number of systems related to the Reshel or "Grail."

HENRYS' ARMS: The design of Henry Sinclair's Arms: the Shamir, helm, shield is another large subject but my point here is that the Arms (1) describe a grid system based on the Tavhara Line, and (2) describe the spiritual dynamics involved. That is, the design can be correlated with grid nodes of great importance: Thurso, Edinburgh, and Fortingall. Bethlehem Angles are involved throughout. The Bethlehem Angle derives the name from the relationship of the Gizeh Plateau matrix and Bethlehem. The angle is found in the Pyramids' ascending passageways and is the angle (relative to the parallel) from the Pyramid to Bethlehem. When energy poles (with spiritual intent and consciousness) are arranged relative to each other in that angle, we have a strong collective energetic that facilitates "absolution, resolution, and evolution" in whatever action is up for the day. Or on a more profound note, The Grail geometrics. This system of golden ratio and Bethlehem Triangles are also used to break the Zeno Narrative Chart codes.

Now to the point. The "ajna" (brow) chakra in Henrys' Arms is found where the helm meets the crown. There is a strange Fleur de Lys design (inverted) in the outer face of the helm which, in its point, makes a right angle bend with the upper edge of the shield. The center of the shield's upper edge is the center of the Edinburgh Matrix's 28 mile diameter Reshel (Head-Stone) system. This center is in the Mt. Lothian Chapel ruin south of Rosslyn and on the Tavhara Line. A Bethlehem angle from this point locates Temple (Balantrodoch). The "4-Square" and Fleur de Lys (triunity) create an archetypal "Pillar and Heap" (Gen 31:45-32:2) format or complete couplet needed for creation. Restated: Balantrodoch is the power and "set" point for creating a sub system related to a Grail Core geometry.

It also does a few other things: (1) anchors the "Magnetic Grid" axis to Caerketton Hill (Templar Grove) via Rosslyn; (2) sets a 72 degree angle to Rosslyn using the Mt. Lothian Chapel line as the base, thus generating a 5-point star (seed matrix) with Rosslyn as the apex; (3) sets an "L" with Upper Dalhousie and Sinclair's Black Hill point in the main "L" for Edinburgh. All this is saying that Balantradoch is another system relative to the large one covering GB ...that is it is the Magnetic Grid supplementing the main "True" (directional) Grid. The Magnetic Grid interfaces the Racial and GAIA Mind with a higher level of the same.

The Fleur de Lys device integrates the face of the helm into one function combining: ajna (link with the divine), the Balantradoch 4-Square as the controller and magnetic interface, the "nose" point (comment below), and the interface with the Mt. Lothian Chapel point in the Shield of Sinclair (Engrailed Cross and its specific geometry, another story). The Fleur de Lys probably also integrates a "French (Languedoc) Connection" along with the "Chanti-Claire" cock used on the Sinclair Arms. (This cock fertilizes the "Brood of 12", ie "Lin, lyn, linne" also means "brood hen, brood/line of 12" which in Rosslyn would translate into the "Rose Line-0f-12"; this is a Grail format.) There are very strong Chanticleer dynamics also.

There is Another vital function of the Fleur de Lys device. That is connecting the nose of the helm with two combined critical points not seen in the design but really the main connection: physically the points are Fortingall and Mt. Schiehallion. These places are on a Bethlehem Angle from the Edinburgh Matrix at that point where the Sinclair Cross meets the upper edge of the shield, extending the Shields 26 deg 18 min axis. (You might note that I've taken the liberty to correct the Shield's cant slightly but critically.) The Fortingall point represents a modulating filter placed in and as the divine input into the whole system via the ajna point and also into the nose point via the Fleur device. The nature and function of the Fortingall point is found through esoteric, innerplanes source; basically it is a major Christic infusion point for the Planet and also had the mission of training the soul of the (then) future Messiah in that area which took a very long time. That same charge is still carried there and has been recently upgraded with the major Christos infusion, including the same in Rosslyn Chapel as its grounding in the Grail Grid (Tavhara Line as its axis).

The Fleur device has a distinct point which aligns the Fortingall point with the nose, where the helm's eye slot intersects the Fleur device. Fortingall is directly in front of the ajna, on the extended Shield axis of 26 deg 18 minutes. This "nose" point, remembering that it has a functional connection with Noss Head farther north, forms a golden ratio (2.618) rhombus with the upper edge of the Shield at its opposite, outer point. The special transfer point on the Fleur forms another golden ratio (1.618) rhombus with the same outer shield point. This sets up a harmonic with the L-Gate function and also with the related golden ration dynamic which is one that supports life in systems. This is also one of the main keys to breaking the Hebrew alphabet code and much of scripture, something the Christian priests never did and apparently haven't yet. I don't know of any Rabbis that have either for that matter. But then I don't get around much, what do I know?

In passing, the ajna point is the center for a large 8-point wheel whose radius is found by measuring to the Shamir's eye or Thurso. The Wheel's ring comes through the Shamir's ajna, thus setting up a vital resonance with the Christic input via the helm. We might reverse that and say that the Orkney Christic codes establish the Wheel via the Shamir dynamic and thus the Wheel's center, making the Sinclair helm point that then may perceive the Christos at Fortingall.

Also measured from the eye/Thurso we determine the Noss Head point is in the Shamir's throat. The throat chakra is scripture's "Armageddon Gate" or gate of the Will/persona. The lower Clan persona MUST align in and as the high Christic Self (The Christ that abides within) for this whole thing to work. This must start and focus, according to the Arm's template, at Noss Head. A 45 degree (4-Square) angle is made with the Fortingall point ...the 90 degree L from Noss Head connects with the Nose of the helm WHEN THE UNSEEN CHRISTOS IS LOCATED! When the Clan has itself thus aligned and "tuned in", then we have action and the throat chakra at Balantradoch can be upgraded from the Will function to pure creative function relating to sound, breath and many other aspects mostly linking with the heart. The HEART chakra is the center of the Engrailed Cross!

The reader will not understand much of the language and intricate geometries noted above but should at least appreciate that the Sinclair Templars knew a great deal in both physical and spiritual realms and unified them in a number of ways vital to the Planet. The grids were designed and put in place for this present transition of the whole temporal continuum as a major step in our evolution and that only by Grace. If this is true(?), then it implies a very large mission (translate "responsibility") demanding spiritual CLARITY. I submit to you that Henry's 1398 mission is not yet complete and in actuality is only now coming to fruition. My own reason for going into all the geometric detail above is to attempt to lay a basis of rationale (sort of) that then might open the reader to at least consider that there is a reason for it all and that it is a now-thing not a then-thing.

Commit Thy Works to God, eh?

Blessings Be... William

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