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Archibald Sinclair
[Rosslyn Family, courtesy Rosslyn]
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Castles Girnigoe and Sinclair

My sister Heather Hughes put it best when we left the area. She said that she just wanted to fall down on the ground and kiss it. It felt so much like coming home. Both of us left in tears from the incredible emotions we felt over the beauty and power of the area. Of course gale force winds and crashing waves helped give our experience incredible ambiance. (My sister video taped and the sound of the wind and sea was incredible.) In fact the wind was gusting so hard that while I was trying to take a picture of the waves crashing through a tunnel in the cliffs, I was knocked off my feet and my sister thought I had gone over the cliff. Luckily I was just knocked down a grassy embankment very close to the cliff's edge.
[Castles Girnigoe/Sinclair]
[Sinclair Castle]
Sinclair Castle
[Girnigoe Castle]
Girnigoe Castle
[Girnigoe Castle Entrance]
Girnigoe Castle Entrance
[Archways to the Shore]
Archways to the Shore
The Sea
[The Sea through a Girnigoe Window]
through a Girnigoe Window
[The Sea Between the Castles]
Between the Castles
[Steps Down to the Sea]
Steps Down to the Sea

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