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Hempriggs House

From: Donald Sinclair of Indianapolis <>
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 09:15:16 EDT

The first recorded history of Hempriggs House was on or about 1646. The Dunbars of Hempriggs House welcomed James Graham, the Marquis of Montrose, into their home. He was at the time, the King's Lt. General of the North. There are great cliffs with natural arches and stacks off the coast behind Hempriggs House. There is also an overgrown path that leads from Hempriggs House past the Castle of Oldwick and into the town of Wick that is still in rare use today. Nearby, the Ackergill Tower is now an accommodation for business functions and private parties. It has two rooms furnished from the original furniture of Hempriggs House. The rooms are aptly names Hempriggs and Dunbar.

Hempriggs House

Anne Dunbar of Hempriggs House married John Sinclair of Stirkoke abt. 1700. My own line comes from William Sinclair, natural son of Donald the Sailor Sinclair. Donald the Sailor is of the Murkle Sinclairs. William was born in Hempriggs House in 1793 and came to America in 1805 where he later married Henrietta Dunbar Sutherland sometime before 1820. The Dunbars are credited with creating all the well-built and finely laid out farms one sees all around the Sinclair bay area. Hempriggs House is no exception. Although now a Pensioner's Home, the overgrown gardens cannot hide the sheer beauty of the house and estate. One can survey the area and see how grande it once was. Local volunteers try to keep the grounds maintained now, as there is no money to spend for it. The future of Hempriggs House is now up in the air. The Matron was notified last Christmas by the owner that the house was for sale, and the pensioners' fate yet unknown. Alistair Fraser Sinclair, who currently owns parts of the Stirkoke estate is trying to purchase Hempriggs House and the estate, but sorting through almost four hundred years of property titles and boundary agreements is taking its toll on the whole process. I have information that if successful, Mr. Sinclair will try to keep the pensioner's in place. I have photos of Hempriggs House and gardens if anyone is interested.

Donald the Junkie of Hempriggs and Indianapolis

Ref The Old Wick Parrish Church, by Micheal Gunn
Iris Hallam, Matron of Hempriggs
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